7 Life Hacks That might Save your Life One Day

Personal safety is not a major concern for most us here in India thanks to our rather peace-loving society.

That is not to say however, that our lives are completely free from dangers and threats. This is especially so if we travel to other countries that do not enjoy the same level of security. Memorize these 7 simple facts and you just might be thankful you did one day, although I hope you never do.

1.Your phone can almost always dial 911 or 112.

You can call 112 or 911 without service or a SIM card on most cell phones.

2.Escaping from a sinking car.

To get out of a sinking car it’s necessary to first unbuckle your seat belt. Instead of opening the door, roll the window down. If you don’t have your window open, break the glass with a special tool or any heavy object (for instance, a removable headrest).

3.If you are being attacked, go for the groin, eyes or ears.

That is where the person is most vulnerable and if you get a good hit in, it could stop them long enough for you to get away.

4.If you are in a survival situation, breathe through your nose and not your mouth.

Breathing through your mouth uses up more energy. Stay calm and breathe through your nose to save energy and moisture.

5.Underwater and don’t know which way is up? Just breathe…

…and follow the air bubbles. They’re going up. Similarly, if you have been buried in an avalanche or in dirt and don’t know which direction is the surface, spit and see where gravity takes it. Head in the opposite direction.

6.If you’re in a burning building – keep your head down.

Fire victims often die from inhaling smoke rather than the fire itself. Poisonous smoke is hot and will rise while fresh air will remain close to the ground (Cover your face with a wet towel for extra protection).

7.Learn to escape Zip ties

You can leverage your body against itself and break the restraint.

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