Surprising Facts About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world? ”—Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs needs no introduction as he was the person who established Apple Inc. Today Apple is among the top technology companies and has reached a market share of approx $900 Billion. Here are some facts about late Jobs.

1.Steve Jobs Was A Dropout
Steve Jobs was a college drop out but continued unofficial education through auditing classes. One such auditing class Jobs went to was of Calligraphy which became great inspiration for future fonts for Apple later.

2.Low GPA
Steve had pretty low GPA – 2.65. Jobs admitted that he never enjoyed school structure and preferred to study in unconventional ways.

3.Steve Jobs’ Visit To India
When Steve was not having any direction in life, he decided to visit India. In India, he adopted the practices of Zen Buddhism.

4.Out Of Own Company
Steve was forced to leave his own company in 1985. He took it as blessing in disguise and established an animation house called Pixar which became successful after Toy Story. He then joined Apple back in 1997 as CEO and saved the falling company.

5.Book On Jobs
The movie Anywhere But Here is based on a book written by Jobs’ sister Mona Simpson. The book was dedicated to Steve.

6.No Coding
According to co.founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, Steve did not have any coding skills.

7.Last Words
Steve’s last words on death bed were, “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow” while gazing over his family’s shoulders.

Steve has inspired millions around the globe and we miss this legend even today after years of his death.

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