To Become Rich, You Only Need To Do Three Things


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Personal finance and the journey towards financial freedom is not a complicated undertaking. It’s a straightforward, three-step process, that everyone can do with enough determination and discipline.

And thus presenting, the three things that you only need to do if you want to become rich and financially free.

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1. Spend less than what you earn

You can achieve this by paying yourself first, living a frugal life, and creating multiple sources of income.

2. Protect yourself and your assets

You can achieve this by saving up for an emergency fund, getting life and health insurance for yourself and non-life insurance for your assets.

3. Grow your wealth by investing and creating passive income

You can achieve this by building an investment portfolio, acquiring income generating assets and starting a business.

And that’s it! Simple enough, right? But I know these three things are not easy, and there’s no quick way to accomplish them.

That’s why you need to continuously learn and increase your knowledge about personal finance.

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