Mantras for Challenging Times

  • When a person’s speech is full of anger, it is because he or she suffers deeply.
  • I have solved similar problems in the past and can do so again.
  • I cannot be defined by society’s labels. I am unique.
  • I can use this anger to spark positive change in myself and those around me.
  • My anger stems from fear, and I will comfort that fear with loving kindness.
  • My small acts of compassion matter to the world.
  • Each small step adds up to a long journey toward peace.
  • Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. I only need to focus on now.
  • The success and positive energy of others empower me to change.
  • There are beautiful days ahead.
  • I will find small beauties in the world today.
  • Forgiveness begins with taking care of my own hurt.
  • My challenges inspire lessons for myself and those around me.
  • Beyond mountains, there are mountains.” –Haitian Proverb
  • My feet are on the ground, I am breathing, and I safe.
  • Resting will clarify my next positive step forward.
  • I am only responsible for my own actions.
  • I believe that there is love in the world and love in myself.“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” – Mohammed AliExtensive scientific research has shown that repeating encouraging mantras and phrases like the ones included in this post can help you focus your mind, achieve your goals, and live more mindfully. Remember to write your favorite mantras down and post them throughout the house – or around your desk – as a physical reminder to you to speak kindly to yourself.

Life is always fluctuating. And just as the world outside us constantly changes, so can the way we view it. Make positive changes today and start living the positive life you’ve always imagined.

What’s your favorite mantra? How have words of encouragement changed your outlook on life, or helped you to live more mindfully? Share it with us in the comments below. 



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