12 Wise Ways to Eliminate Your Social Media Addiction


A lot of people make fun of being addicted to social media, but that’s not funny. As engineers continue to collect data on how to keep people on social media for longer periods of time, social media addiction is becoming increasingly popular.

If you access your phone at all times of the day and feel like your life is controlled by popularity and what follows, there is help!

We compile a list of 12 ways to reduce your time on social media and prevent you from taking your own life.

  1. Set time limits
    If you are completing every free minute of your day by scrolling through social media, it’s time to set some limits!

Instagram has a nice feature that allows you to set a daily time limit on your usage. When you reach that limit, a message appears to let you know that you have gone too far.


Many new phones now have built-in apps that allow you to track your social usage and set time limits. If you use social media from your laptop or desktop, you can download a variety of tools to help manage your social media time.

Collecting specific data on the time you spend on social media is the first step to reducing your use.

  1. Take days off
    Once you’ve figured out how much time you spend on social media, you can begin to reduce your time. First, reduce the number of hours you spend on social media per day and then move on to reducing the number of days per week.

Some people find that taking a weekend on social media saves them from losing two days entirely in a black scratch. Don’t worry, your fans will still be there when you come back on Monday!

  1. Stop tracking accounts
    Social media mobilizers are marketing experts. They know exactly how to create the right image and use the right amount of editing to catch your eye and keep you coming back for more.

Every time you take action on social media, the platform learns what you like and will continue to show you more of you.

If there are certain accounts that you find yourself spending too much time with, do not follow them so that they do not continue to appear every time you sign in to your account. Out of sight out of mind!

  1. Choose your platforms wisely
    Are you trying to stay active on five different social media accounts? While each platform is different, it is a good idea to choose a few favorites to reduce your time for social media.

Trying to keep up with multiple platforms can be a great time to suck.

  1. Block social time
    Instead of finding your phone and checking your social media accounts whenever you come across it, set limits on where you can use social media.

Make an agreement with you that if you do not look at social media during the day, you can spend 30 minutes on it when you get home from work.

You can also give yourself a trade. For example, if you spend 45 minutes on social media, you will have to spend at least 45 minutes reading the book you were “too busy reading.”

  1. Start a new hobby
    Once you start reducing your social media time, you may find that you have withdrawal symptoms and do not know what to do when you feel the urge to look at your phone.

That’s when you can fill your new leisure time with entertainment. Learn new art, try your hand at sewing, or add exercise to your routine instead of your social screen time.

  1. Create a non-personal community
    What did people do before contacting people? They meet face to face!

Browse your city website or local newspaper (yes, this still exists) for community groups in your area. Joining a health or art class is another great way to meet new people. If you don’t find something to talk about, you can start with your group.

  1. Do not associate business with pleasure
    If you use social media as part of your work, it is important that you clearly define the line between work and personal use.

Keep your communications activities on company pages while you are at work and try not to associate any corporate accounts in your accounts.

  1. Use editing apps
    If you have access to your social account, create new posts, and opt out of your feed, you are doing better than most!

Usually, opening your social media account sucks you out of time warp. Before you know it, an hour has passed and you forgot to load that cleaning batch into the machine.


Using editing apps lets you create posts, edit dates and times, and get on with your life (although this doesn’t work in all public accounts).

Using the editing app will keep you off the platform and help you stick to your pre-set social limits.

  1. Link directly to groups
    Are Facebook groups your fault? Facebook groups provide great social engagement in relation to a particular topic or interest, but it is also one of the ways to draw on the platform.

Creating a URL bookmark to take you directly to the group can help you avoid being distracted by what Great Aunt Margie’s dog is doing today.

  1. Manage notifications
    Does your phone ring every five minutes with alerts about your likes, comments, and next? Mute the sound!

Even the most disciplined of us may find it difficult to ignore the constant flow of social media alerts. Turning off your notifications will help keep you from accessing your phone every time you hear a call.

  1. Delete or close your account operations
    If all else fails, you can always delete your social media accounts. Gasp!

Remember, social media is not in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – it is not important for your health. When society affects your mental health and happiness, it’s time to pull the plug.

You can delete apps from your phone and delete any bookmarks on your computer, or you can go completely cold and disable your accounts (bold navigation).



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