8 ways to turn your guilt, embarrassment, and procrastination into a positive change


It was a wonderful time of production. It was a very bad time for production.

Although there are plenty of self-help books to inspire, most of us cannot just change our lives completely overnight. Gradually changing is difficult, but as it is, it is necessary. There are no shortcuts, we are always told, but this is only true.

The algorithms that drive our lives – from rooting habits and habits to Google and our Facebook searches, Pinterest and LinkedIn feed – are all customized and set up by someone else. Do you remember when you didn’t have email, Facebook or check news first thing when you woke up?


In addition to the time wasted, there is always guilt and shame – and it is often the worst case – of procrastination, both at work and at home. Thus our decision-making and productivity is deeply distorted and overshadowed by reactions, not practical thinking.

Before I covered my action in my twenties, I walked a little longer until the status quo could no longer be maintained. I had to either cover up my action or risk losing what I had. Conflict was out of control. I started meditating daily and taking better care of my health, I took pains to understand and learn to manage my finances. I broke the vicious cycle of perfectionism and frustration with unfinished projects.


Here are some strategies I have used to turn my negative feelings into high performance:

1) Lower the barrier to making decisions easily and get the habit of making things happen
Every night, I would prepare my lunch and work clothes and the tools and conditions I needed for my mediation. This eliminates the need for making decisions in the morning, so that I can do things (eat better, meditate, work on time, etc.). This removes guilt and shame without number.

2) Change my case by allowing others to get into the habit of getting up early to meditate
I was tired the night before, but because I felt guilty about disappointing some boys in the synagogue who wanted me to do 10 in the morning services, I dragged myself away to pray with them every morning.


Fear of bad looks meant keeping an “expensive” look on a very limited budget. This has become a Negotiation Mindset that is budget-based, demanding better prices and negotiating larger purchases. This forced me to overcome the fear of negotiation and led to many increases and better benefits at work, among many other financial rewards and more.

3) Make me accountable to someone else, using the shame of embarrassment as the power to produce
Before I met my wife, I was writing and closing my first book for 5 years without much progress. When he told me, “Finish or get out of here,” it was done within a few months. My second novel was completed in 7 months due to a sharing deadline.


4) Use my case for not eating properly or following to make simple dietary habits of my diet.
I set myself simple and clear conditions. If I wanted to eat breakfast, first I had to pray / meditate. Then, in order to get breakfast, I had to drink water first to start digestion. After that, it turned into a glass of water before all the food and eventually there were some small, but critical changes to better digestion.

5) Call my resume on Facebook and LinkedIn for windows set in time of day to read useful information
Being guilty of defamation did not reduce the amount of time I spent on social media. So, I refined my news feed to eliminate disturbing, annoying and useless posts from “friends”. I “liked” FB and LinkedIn pages of books and people and companies I wanted to read and left everything else. In this way, when I made a habit, I used my time wisely and improved my health significantly, even if I was “wasting my time.”


6) Change as many things as possible related to good health practices, personal finances and productivity
This means leaving my phone in another room while I have dinner with family and at night, waking me up and getting out of bed without turning. I have used 401 (k) donations to increase company consistency, my student loan payments (repaying interest points with interest rates) and monthly savings ( and my banking system), and credit card payments to be taken out of the “you can’t use it if you don’t see it,” of credit card points and standard flyer miles, refunds and other card benefits.

I started using apps (Asana, Mint, Credit Karma) to check each week to see my full technical and financial photos. Above all, I used my Negotiation Mindset at the time of purchase to save a lot of money and think more about my relationships with people and get more profit for my family, my boss and others in my business and professional situations.


7) Train my fears of appearing as a hypocrite in making sure I always keep time, look good, and be ready
As much as I hate it when people waste my time when they are drunk, unprepared, unsightly, unsolicited, out of breath and helpless in any way, it makes perfect sense for me to take care of all these things first.

8) Drive my laziness into eating the healthiest foods during the week
Ever since I started looking at religion, I have had to perform the ritual of washing and prayer before eating the bread and then again. Since I was reluctant to do this, I carefully removed the bread from my diet during the week.

Now go and turn your fears into success! Start your journey up and down today. Time is wasted.



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