Discrimination affects our daily decisions


Many people wonder how their lives changed for the better or for the worse. Human thinking is often ignored. There are a number of concepts, including the Attraction Act, which they consider to be fraudulent. As a society, we face challenges that create our racism. That choice of reasoning affects our daily decisions. In those years of decisions, we are beginning to better understand how our lives have become what they are today.

Here are three thinking factors that affect our daily decisions:

  1. I Can’t Do That
    “I have spent the last 30 years of my life doing things that others cannot or will not do. [Many of my successes are based on] people telling me I can’t do anything.

I was told that I could not build a website development company. So, I created and built websites for companies like Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, ”said Chuck Blakeman (Serial Entrepreneur & Author of Making Money Is Killing Your Business).


Unfortunately, many people fall victim to the belief that they can do nothing. Sadly, people are told such things by their loved ones. Like Chuck Blakeman, there are many examples of people who have taken ideas and made them successful stories. even though he was among the naysayers.

Your task is not simply to get annoyed at those beliefs but to prove that they are wrong. Success is a journey that starts with one step at a time. In my teens, I wanted to be a world-renowned writer. It took me years to realize that I must really believe in something if I want to see it succeed.

I had to first believe that I could be the best-selling author in the world before I became one. This year marks the biggest milestone in my life, being the best-selling author in three countries.

  1. I Don’t Need Someone
    “Our greatest happiness or happiness comes from the level of our relationship. Social networking contributes to happiness, ”said Scott Crabtree (Founder and CEO of Happy Brain Science).

There are many people who carry an ultra independent attitude. Personally I like an independent person. The problem is that independence can sometimes be used as a deception of the human ego. Independence is obviously better than dependence. However, dependence is better than both.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Accepting the help of others often reduces the learning curve to whatever you want to pursue in life. It does not make you a little independent. Stephen Covey (Author of the NY Times Bestseller, 7 Practical People Practices) agrees that we work best when we see and work on the role of dependency.


None of us are perfect. We all have weaknesses. So, then, why not let a powerful man in your weak spot help you?

  1. I have no purpose
    You have to decide your goal in life. That is your guide. What kind of impact do you want to have on the world? Be clear about it [because if your job] is blurred, it will be very difficult ”, said Aubrey Marcus (Founder & CEO of Onnit).

Many people can make different arguments about the origin of our environment. However, I think most of us share the same theme in life: You only live once. Therefore, make full use of it. I hope you go with the times because it will continue to go with you or without you.


Wayne Dyer and Stephen Covey are two examples of inspiring examples of people who left a legacy. My intention is to leave a legacy. Since the Great Depression, I have helped more than 2,000 people to reach the finish line, and you can too. My message is still the same.

Success is not found in many because most are not found.

Make the Change You Always Want Now!
Now that you have more time and space at home, this is the perfect time to make your goals come true.

If you do not take action now, there is a good chance you will never reach your goal.



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