Does All Learning Make You Beneficial?


Does All Learning Make You Beneficial?
How would you describe an expert? Experts are often seen as people who focus on one area and devote most of their time to finding and developing information on a particular topic. Repetitive practice, time and effort is often thought of as a way to gain real talent and recognition in your one field. But is that really the case?

Why Concentration Holds Us Back
While focusing on one thing may seem like a good way to become an expert, it can actually have a negative effect on how we get the information right.

By focusing too long and too much on one place, we are actually trying to unlock different thoughts, ideas and connected topics. When our brain puts into a very focused reading mode, it puts all its energy and focus into a single topic.


This allows us to build a set framework and mindset to deal with the problem and reduce our thinking and ideas. The necessary motivation that can help you think in new and different ways is disrupted so, while practicing it seems perfect, the way you work in your practice is the key to becoming a real professional.
Key Learner Mode for Being an Expert
There are two great ways to learn about our brain. One learning mode that is focused is where our mind is very focused and completely busy with a task or topic. Another form of learning is propagated by thinking in which our brain is in a relaxed, flowing state and is in such a way that we can find creative inspiration and ideas on a topic that has not wasted our time focusing on it.

Distribution mode captures your attention or stress on the topic and allows your hearing mind to feel almost irrational. This allows ideas and non-contact framework, communication that flows within the brain. Focused mode may be possible for a long distance reading session without interruptions but the diffused mode will be used with breaks, walking, listening to music or exercising. In other words, participating in work where your mind seems to have no focused thinking.

How Is This Linked to Effective Reading?
Effective learning and becoming an expert are not all about focusing on one skill. Real professionals take advantage of their skills and use them in a variety of fields.


Paul Graham is a British computer scientist with engineering as his masterpiece. However, he has also been able to become a professional entrepreneur, participatory capitalist, author and blogger. He has helped a number of well-known companies like Dropbox and Airbnb alongside publishing books and writing a number of articles on a variety of topics.

What is the secret of Paul’s success? He takes his expertise in engineering but instead of focusing on this one skill, he uses the knowledge of engineering ideas to break down problems and suggest business solutions.

The key to being an expert is finding connections between your technical framework and other areas, applying ideas to new things. By doing this, you can create new solutions and help them use your technology at the same time.


The ability to use basic skills makes you a true expert
Steve Jobs was not limited to computer science, he was always reaching out for himself by thinking about the unique and practical things that add value to his technology. He made it clear that computers should not only be a tool but also have the power to be stylish and well-designed to make them fashionable, everyday things. Combining these two design and engineering ideas is the way the MacBook is built and this assumption is the way Apple is able to outperform its rivals on a regular basis.

Being an expert and focusing on those sets of skills is essential to basic success. But what will make you grow and be more successful is letting yourself learn new things that stimulate your thinking. These new evolving ideas are the way you progress in your learning in your technology.

Being an expert is about combining ideas that help create new solutions out of the box. Most importantly, as you learn something new, ask yourself how I can apply what I already know? By doing this you stop standing together and create new paths that can take you to higher places and success.



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