Small Stories



In the center of the beautiful city, there was a museum lined with beautiful marble tiles and had a large marble statue as part of the exhibition. Many people from all over the world visit the museum every day and admire this beautifully carved statue. One night, the marble tiles began to speak to the marble statue.
Miles of Marble: Hey statue, Don’t you think it’s wrong for everyone from all over the world to come here and compliment you when they ignore me and step on me.

Marble Stamp: My dear brother, marble tile, You do not remember that it actually comes from the same cave.

Marble Tile: Yes! I do, which is why I feel so bad. We were both born from the same cave but the world treats us differently now. This is wrong!
Marble Stamp: Yes you are right brother. However, he still remembers the day when the sculptor tried to work for you but resisted his tools.


Marble Tiles: Yeah, I despise that guy. How can he use those bad tools for me.

Marble Statement: Yes, as you resisted his tools he could not work for you. When he decided to quit, he began to work for me instead. I knew at the same time that I would be different and different after his efforts. I carried all the painful tools he used on me and let him immerse me in the way he wanted!

Marble Tiles: But those tools were very painful.

Marble Statement: Brother, there is value in everything that happens in life. Since, you have decided to resist and have given up half way, you cannot blame anyone who steps on you now.!

Marble tiles quietly listen to the words of their brothers. and I began to think about it.


Morality: The harder it is to knock on life, the more you learn and apply it the next time! Do not be discouraged by obstacles and failures! Keep trying to get better.


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