How to Start a Successful Business and Increase Your Profits


How to Start a Successful Business and Increase Your Profits
It is Sunday evening and you are not expecting the start of the week. You’re not a hopeless person but you can help feel a sinking feeling in your stomach — it’s a feeling of torment in another week of work. You will be attending boring meetings, arguing over trivial ideas, and looking forward to the clock – hoping to see 5:00 pm.

You dreamed of starting a successful business but you did not feel competent. After all, you are not a computer nerd or you have no business experience. So, keep your head down and skip this dream of your list.

However, what if you were wrong? What if there is a better way to start a business? Not only that but you will earn more money than your current job.

The good news is that it is possible, but you need to change the way you work. I’ve been in this dark place – I can’t believe I deserved to build a successful business. But after 3 years of trying, I finally saw some success.


I made a lot of mistakes and learned what strategies work for some successful entrepreneurs. My hope is that you have protected the long road I have taken and learned from my mistakes. Most importantly, find proven strategies for other successful entrepreneurs and avoid wasting time.

Here’s how to start a successful business that you’ll be proud of:

  1. Build your business the way you live
    “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

Don’t think about starting a business too much and forgetting why you wanted to start another one. Of course, you want the freedom to choose what kind of projects you will be working on – but do not do any other work for yourself.


Take, for example, a businessman who decides to start his own pie business. This person commits himself and gives up his job in order to work in his business. After a few months, she is still earning a steady income. The only problem is that he is no longer working harder than before.

He works 60 to 80 hours each week and does not know how much he will be able to keep his business. This is true of many entrepreneurs who fail to plan. Before considering business ideas, decide why you want to become an entrepreneur.

Do you want to spend more time with your family? Or traveling the world? Whatever your reason, specify why you started your business.

Once you know your reason, start building your business around the life you love, not the other way around.

  1. Don’t expect all the green lights to choose your business idea
    You understand why you started your business, now what?

Decide what kind of business you want to build. Other examples include opening a restaurant or selling online products and services. Analyze a few business niches that you would like to explore (e.g. health, finance and fashion.)

A few years ago, I had no idea about the business idea I should choose. After stumbling on the blog, I failed miserably along the way. My biggest mistake was spending months building my own blog.

In fact, building a blog is one of the most important things you can do for any business. Allows you to deepen your relationship with your customers by providing value. But it also takes time, making you inclined to waste time as I did.


Instead, skip creating a blog and provide relevant content to an existing platform. This will help you determine if your business idea is something you would like to pursue for a long time while you get the audience feedback. A great platform to do this is Medium for written content.

But if you like to talk, start the Podcast. You also have the option to create your own Youtube channel if you enjoy being on camera. Your goal is to produce quality content as quickly as possible.

Write down a few ideas and narrow down your list to 1 to 3, then focus on producing quality content. Once you have confidence in your vision, guess how you will make money with it.

  1. You do not need business information to get started
    The best part about building a business is that the market doesn’t care about your experience.

If you can’t solve the problem, the market doesn’t care about college qualifications or your business knowledge. Many entrepreneurs build successful businesses without the help of their own qualifications.

For example, Richard Branson dropped out of school at the age of 16. Today she is the founder of the Virgin group and costs billions. Bill Gates graduated from Harvard 30+ after leaving school.

I share examples to show that college degrees do not make or break a successful business.

Instead, start a business in your favorite niche. Chances are you will have some experience in this area. Ultimately, you will be an expert in your subject matter.

  1. Do not invest any money legally
    Investing in your business is only good if you are investing in the right places.

The problem that many entrepreneurs face early in their journey is spending money on legal fees. For example, when they have an idea they start registering their business or paying for patents. This may be the way back, but it is not.

Unless you create a drug, you don’t have to spend any money on legal fees. Here’s why many times you’ll change your mind about a certain idea. You may find that the type of business you create is not the one you like to work on.

Wait until you have a proven idea that you enjoy working before considering legal fees.

  1. You do not need to invest a lot of money to start a successful business
    A few decades ago, starting a business was an option for those with enough money – this is no longer the case.

The Internet has removed many of the barriers, creating lower enterprise costs. For example, you do not need to spend money on taxes if your business is based online. You also have the opportunity to make profitable products (courses, and books) at a lower cost.

You can build a website for under $ 100 or spend a few hundred to hire a professional developer. Gary Vaynerchuk says this is one of the best years to start an online business. Not only do you have lower business costs, but you can now reach more customers.


How so?

Using Facebook Ads to target your customers at a lower cost. The Internet makes it easy to do business in online and offline businesses. Get what works and use only what is necessary for your business.

  1. Surround yourself with all kinds of people
    “You’re an average of five people who spend the most time with them.”

If you are an entrepreneur, you should be close to other entrepreneurs, right?

That’s not right.

Business is a long and lonely journey. The fact is, you will benefit from being close to other entrepreneurs and learning from others.

For example, your friends and family may be your customers. Use this information to test your product or create new features. Be willing to learn from everyone but also be careful who you spend most of your time with.

For example, consider my experience when I was in high school and had become involved with the wrong crowd. Being a good student, I didn’t think this would affect me. Eventually my grades dropped, and I began to neglect school.


As an entrepreneur, similar situations may happen to you. Surround yourself with supportive people who will help you in your low-income areas. Spend less time with those who do not believe in your goals.

  1. Learn more about other things besides business
    It is rare for entrepreneurs to learn.

Bill Gates claims to read 50 books a year, and Warren Buffet recommends reading 500 pages a day. So you should only read business books, right? Yes and no.

Business books will teach you a lot about running a successful business but these should not be the only books you read. It will limit your growth in other important areas of your business.


For example, personal psychology is important to better understand how your customers think. Reading myths can awaken the ingenuity that will create you in your business. The truth magnifies the type of books you read will only benefit you.

Combine by creating a reading list in different categories. Also, join book clubs to encourage you to read different types of books with others.

  1. You don’t have to wait 10 years to see a profit
    Of course, building a successful business takes time. But this does not need to take 10 years.

To be clear, there are no shortcuts to building a successful business. But you can save time by avoiding common mistakes. The best way is to learn from entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses.


Listen to their podcast, buy their products, and trap them on social media (not in a weird way.) Master being a student and you will see patterns that contribute to their success.

If you have more money available, hire a business coach. Some of your options join masterminds or business groups. It will be easier to succeed if you have a strong support system. The challenge is to grow and help you avoid common mistakes.

  1. Focus on value instead of money
    “Serve a million people – help them in a wonderful way – money will follow.” – Dharmesh Shah

Focusing on money alone can be dangerous.


Many people have ended their lives after losing all their wealth. This is not to say that the pursuit of greater wealth is bad; but investing on a foundation is. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life.

The more you focus on giving, the more likely you are to build more wealth.

Gary Vaynerchuk shared the story of a time when he brought low-key wine to one of his clients during a snowstorm. He did not expect anything, but the wealthy son of this customer later placed a large order with Gary.

This does not mean that you should drop out of life. Give with the intention of helping others and reaping the benefits. Studies have shown that people who donate money have a happier mood.


Focus on increasing your business profitability but remember to have a higher purpose.

  1. Complete yourself by running a profitable business
    Doing business is a lonely journey. It is a journey where you will fail many times. But if you want to live your dream life and touch other people’s lives, this is a journey you will need to take. Imagine being free from Monday, every day until Friday.

You still have challenging days but now you are in control of your life. Although your income increases, that is not your motivation. You are motivated by the positive impact you make on the lives of other people.

You started this journey with the goal of building a successful business. Now you are looking for more ways to touch people’s lives. To some, you look the same, but you know you are a better person.


Would that not be wonderful?

Final thoughts
Stop letting your fears take over and start taking action in relation to your dream lifestyle. Now you have a mini plan on how to get started.

Don’t waste time flirting with bad ideas, building unnecessary websites, and reading on your own. Instead, surround yourself with amazing people and invest in your personal growth.

It took me years to learn from my mistakes. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your business idea is waiting – will you have the courage to pursue it?

What Else Do You Want to Improve Yourself?



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