Small Stories

The Cat in the Pit-Small Stories


The Cat in the Pit
One day, an old man was walking through the forest when he suddenly saw a little cat stuck in a hole. The poor animal was struggling to get out. So he gave her his hand to bring her out. But the cat scratched his hand in fear. The man pulled out his hand and shouted in pain. But she did not give up; he tried to give the cat over and over again.

One man was watching the scene, exclaiming in amazement, “Thanks to God! How help this cat! He will get them out of there ”.


The other man didn’t care, he just kept saving the animal until he was successful. Then he walked over to the man and said, “Son, it’s the cats’ annoyance that makes him scratch and hurt, and it’s my job to love and care”.

MORAL: Always treat everyone with respect and kindness but do not expect other people to treat you the way you want to be treated. We cannot control how others respond to certain situations, but you can control how you react to them.



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