Small Stories



This is the story of a 10-year-old boy who decided to study Judo despite losing his left arm in an accident. The boy started studies with an old Judean king of Japan. The boy was doing well, so he did not understand why, after three months of training the king had taught him only one step.

“Boss,” the boy finally said, “shouldn’t I be learning more?”

“This is the only step you know, but this is the only step you’ll need to know.” – The Master replied.

The boy could not understand the concept after that, but believing in his teacher, the boy continued to train.


A few months later, the Master took the boy to his first contest. Surprised, the boy easily won his first two games. The third game proved to be very difficult, but after a while, his opponent became impatient and was accused; the boy used his one skill to win the game. Still amazed at his success, the boy was now at the final level of the champion.

By this time, his rival was large, powerful, and experienced. For a while, the boy seemed overly attached. Concerned that the boy might be injured, the referee called for time to leave. He was about to stop the game when the Master intervened.

“No,” said the Chief, “Let it go.”


Shortly after the match began, his opponent made a significant mistake: he stopped being cautious. At that moment, the boy used his movements to pinch her. The boy had won the game and the tournament. He was a champion.

On the way back home, the boy and the Master review everything that is done in each game. The boy then mustered up the courage to ask what was on his mind.

“Master, how did I win this tournament in one move?”

“Dear son, you have won for two reasons,” replied the Master. “First of all, you probably know about some of the toughest throwing in all judo. Second, the only known defense of that movement is for your opponent to hold your left arm. ”
Sometimes we have a weakness but we think it is the end of the road. But the true Master (God) knows what we can do about it. The only thing we have to do is trust in our Lord and follow His commands.


As the boy’s great weakness had turned into his great strength. Sometimes our greatest weakness can be our greatest strength.


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