10 Things You Can Do Now To Change Your Life Forever


One thing always in our lives is change. Just look, who didn’t know a few months ago that you would have to stay home regularly, canceling all trips and events due to a coronavirus outbreak?

We cannot avoid change. The more we fight, the harder our health becomes. So instead of avoiding it, ask “how can you change my life?”

Trust me, I know this because I have been very good at diverting change in my life.

We are surrounded by change and it is one thing that has a profound effect on our lives. Change has the potential to find you at some point in your life. It is unavoidable because it will find you, challenge you, and force you to rethink how you live your life.


Changes can come into our lives because of a problem, such as the result of choice or luck. In either case we all have to make a choice – are we making a change or not? I believe it is always better to make changes in your life when you choose to do that than to be forced.

However, we cannot avoid the unexpected events (disasters) in our lives because these are the events that challenge our satisfaction in life. What we can control when we encounter these challenging issues, is the way we choose to respond. It is our power of choice that enables us to make positive changes in our lives.
Doing our best to give us the opportunity to change our lives for the better. When we create more opportunities to change our lives, our lives become more fulfilling and enjoyable.


So, how can you change your life? Here are 10 things you can do to make your life better, forever:

  1. Find Meaning in Life
    Spend some time trying to sort out what is important in your life and why it is important.

What do you want to achieve in your life? What are your dreams? What makes you happy?

Nancy’s story will remind you of the importance of finding your purpose in life, or else you can live a miserable life.


Your definition of life gives you purpose and sets the tone for how you want to live your life. Without explanation you will spend the rest of your life wandering around aimlessly with no purpose, focus, or purpose.

  1. Create a Dream Board
    As children, we used to dream all the time. We had the ability to dream and to imagine what we would become when we grew up. We believe that anything is possible.

As we grew older, we lost the ability to dream. Our dreams are hidden and when we start to feel like achieving our dreams would be impossible.

Dream board is a great way to start believing in your dreams again. Seeing our daily dreams on the dream board brings our dreams to life. Our dreams become reality and we begin to believe that it is possible to achieve these dreams.

  1. Set Goals to Achieve Your Dreams
    Once you know what is important in your life and what your dream life looks like to you, you need to take action and set your long-term, medium and short-term goals. It works on these goals that enable you to achieve your dreams

Remember your goals can change. Stay flexible by setting and achieving your goals as things in life change and your goals need to reflect these changes. The small steps you take create the momentum for change in your life.

  1. Release your Regs
    Remorse will bring you back to life. Regrets are events of the past and if you spend all your time thinking about the past you will lose what you have and the future.

You cannot change what you have done or not done in the past, so stop it. The only thing you have power over now is how you choose to live your life now and in the future.

I had a lot of regrets that was holding me back in my life. I came across the “Balloon Exercise” and I completely regretted it.

What’s going on? It’s easy – blow up as many balloons as you need. In each balloon write regret and release the balloon. As the balloon ascends into the sky it bids farewell to that regret forever.


A simple and powerful exercise that works and can change the way you live your life.

  1. Try to Do Really Scary Things
    This is about choosing to step out of your comfort zone and see limitations from a different perspective.

Public speaking is one of the most frightening things a person can do. I was afraid to speak in public, but I knew I wanted to be an encouraging speaker. So I joined the Coast Masters to overcome my fear of speaking in public.


My first speech was bad, my knees were knocking, I was sweating and I could not stop shivering. But I did make it a point to end this speech, even if it was very bad.

I chose to continue and now earn money as a motivating speaker. I still get nervous when I get up to talk but then there is a happy feeling and I love it.

Make a list of scary things you would like to do but are too scared to do. Put the strategy in place and go do it yourself. Never stop doing scary things because if you do it your life will be a matter of indifference and comfort.

  1. Start Living a Healthy Life
    Our health is not always the same. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual health also changes as we grow older. We can, however, control how we feed our minds and bodies.

Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle builds our resilience to the changes in our body. Exercise is the best way to get a clear and positive outlook on life.


Living a healthy, balanced life and a lot of exercise is the lifestyle you can choose without a doubt that will give you a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

  1. Deal With Your Fears
    It is easy to ignore our fears and hope that they will end. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work that way.

If you want to change your life, learn to manage your fears well so that they can control you. Our fear of the thoughts only in our minds is not true but over time we have come to believe that it is true.


Our fear of life that prevents us from living our lives to the fullest. We know when our fears control our lives because we feel dissatisfied, dissatisfied and dissatisfied.

When we face our fears we take away our power to choose how we want to live our lives and when we do this we change our lives forever.

  1. Accept You
    The only person who will make a difference in your life is you! And to make that change you have to love yourself.

There will be times in your life when you will face rejection and there will be people who will not like you so much. Accepting who you are and loving yourself helps you to move forward in your life.


Constantly putting yourself down and wishing you were better will only lead to a life of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Get your courage, love yourself and go out and do something crazy. Don’t worry about what the person thinks or if it’s the right thing to do. In your heart if it sounds right, make it and go build the life you love.

  1. Live on time
    Most of us tend to think that the grass is green on the other side. Usually, when we get to the other side of the phone we find that it is not.

The motivation for changing our lives comes from our desire to be happy. Often we become so preoccupied with the pursuit of happiness that we lose sight of the realities of life now.


Our desire to be happy in our lives is a desire for the future and not for the present. We get so busy with all our problems and dissatisfaction right now that we are missing out on a precious momentary beauty.

Sitting on the beach eating ice cream with your best friend or partner is a moment of happiness. Appreciating and expressing daily gratitude finds happiness right now. Helping those in need brings us joy and happiness.

This is what living our life right now is all about – don’t miss these moments because you are so busy focusing on your pursuit of happiness.

  1. Find Happiness in Reading
    Each time you learn something new, you get more and more information and more confidence comes.

Learning helps us to be adaptable and to adapt to new circumstances. Learning encourages us to be creative and innovative in our thinking and thus more liberally anonymous.


Reading books is a great way to read. To fully embrace the joy of learning, never stop learning or seek more information.

Learning gives our lives meaning and is what makes our lives worthwhile.

You have a choice as to how you want to change your life. Choosing to do these 10 things, without a doubt, will change your life forever.

So what are you waiting for? Go do these 10 things now!



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  1. I love love love this. It’s speaks so much to me. Me starting a blog was me facing my fears, putting together my dream board and just working towards creating the life that I desire for myself.

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