5 things to keep in mind when you don’t believe in yourself


When I think about life, I feel like we are all on our way home, pulling a cart behind us. Each person’s cart is full of their confidence and self-confidence. We walk the path of life, carrying our inner beliefs, happily hitting the path toward whatever our purpose is, but sometimes life is not so cool.

Sounds like easy to find your cart. There you are, pulling along with your cart full of nuggets of self-confidence and self-confidence, you are deliberately moving towards your goals, and it can only take:

One-on-one comments come at once knocking on your door
Someone you trust and respect to say something critical
The bad idea you have about yourself is that you are not good enough
The idea of ​​comparing yourself to other very successful people
… And your chariot has been rolled up.


You stand there looking at your lost self-esteem, and you think, my God, how do I clean up all this? The cart is too hard to back off! It is not enough to do everything alone. What if they are right? Doubt and self-loathing come in, and instead of trying, you just sit down and look at the darkness behind you, remembering all your failures.

There could be many reasons why we do not believe in ourselves:

We don’t believe in ourselves because someone told us we shouldn’t.
We are afraid of failure, and we focus on all the times we have failed.
We focus on the shortcomings in our lives instead of the plural.
We have never received support to build our initial confidence.
It’s hard when you can’t believe it. It’s hard to do anything when you don’t believe you can do it.


However, there have been many times in your life when you have not believed in yourself and you have to prove yourself wrong. You had to get up and search the cart and prove to yourself that you knew. Overcome obstacles before they were just as big as this one right now, so don’t be afraid.

If you have trouble seeing the good in you, remember these 5 important things.

  1. Ideas Are Not Facts
    At some point in your life, you believed in yourself, and you feel good. After that, someone appeared and made you doubt you. Give them their opinion of you, and it hurts. You believed in yourself a little and bore the pain with you.

You need to understand that commenting was someone else’s opinion, not fact. Just because someone doesn’t see your value doesn’t mean no one will. You can’t please everyone, so don’t try.


Someone had an opinion, and that’s fine. We all have the right to get ideas. But it was not true. Don’t let that person’s negligence get in the way of your own evaluation. Let it wash over you and float away.

Learn to take feedback critically and consider where you can use the comments to change and grow as a person.

If the answer is yes, use it and show gratitude that someone had the coconuts they should tell you, and appreciate the fact that you grew up as a person.

If the answer is no, let it go and ignore it. People see it from their point of view. If they can’t handle you, that’s fine.


Here is an example:

Person 1: * Wear a unique dress with a bright floral pattern and go out confident. *

Person 2: “That garment is very ugly; you don’t have to love fashion. ”

Critical comments emerge and personal confidence 1 is tested because something they care about and put on love has been badly received.

Person 1: * thinks inside * Does this comment help me grow as a person? Is my dress really that bad? Or is it not just their taste? Am I standing next to my coat? Does it make me feel happy and beautiful?


It does, I love this dress.

Person 1: “Thank you for your opinion, but I like my dress and my unique style. See you in Vogue! ”

They are mere ideas, not facts. It’s your life, so live your truth. If people don’t like it, let it pass you by. By taking all the comments and negative comments yourself, you will never believe yourself.

  1. Growth Takes Time
    Take a break. This is very important if you do not believe in yourself. You’re still growing up, and you’re learning, you’re failing, and you’re learning again. No one has all the answers, and there is no right way to do it. You’re just growing up, and you’re going to make mistakes, and that doesn’t make you a bad person or a failure. It makes you a growing person.

Let go of perfection and the idea that you should have it all together and be good at all times. That pressure slows you down and makes you doubt yourself. Breathe. You are there for your journey, and that is good and sufficient.


Do not let the pressure of expectation overwhelm you. You are not a list of all your successes and failures; he is much more than that.

Failure of the event, not a personal factor.

Learn, grow, and allow yourself to fail. Do not pretend that you are not perfect, since no human could ever do such a thing. Acknowledge your failures and know that you have learned something and are moving forward. It is comforting to have faith that everything will be all right in the future. Your self-esteem will thrive if you let go of these unreasonable expectations.

  1. Fear Can Not Stop You
    Let’s talk about your fears. When you do not believe in yourself, you may be scared. In order to be who you are and put yourself there, you are at risk of being criticized for who you are. That is frightening, and as we have learned from the visions, it can ruin your confidence.

Believing in you requires courage; he should be the one to move on and believe in you. If you don’t, just stop. You have to believe in yourself in order to move forward, and fear is holding you back.


Fear prevents you from trying if you fail.
Fear prevents you from letting go of ideas if they are true and you will have to deal with this again.

Fear prevents you from moving forward.
Let go of fear. Self-sacrifice by careless dumping. Face your fears one by one and say “I see you are scared, and I know that everything I want is on your side. I see it, and I am scared, but I will face you and pass you by anyway and face the consequences of my actions because I believe in myself, and I can deal with anything. ”.


Never fear failure; failure is just another chance to try again, except this time with great intelligence. It is the best teacher and the fastest way to succeed. Have a good relationship with failure and you will have a better relationship with your inner courage.

  1. You are different
    You are different, and I say this with great love in the world. You are different; you go your own unique and wonderful way. Not everyone will understand it, but it is the way history is made. It is done by people who no one believes in, stand up, despise fear and doubt and say what they believe.

You don’t have to have support to believe in yourself. You can connect with what you believe, and if you believe strong enough, you can achieve anything. When you can’t believe it, just remember, it’s still important and unique, and it’s still important.


Do not give up on your journey because not everyone understands it. Keep connected to the knowledge that you are important and important.

  1. You can restart
    Your self-esteem is shattered, and you are in a place full of self-doubt. It’s time to let go of these doubts, fears, and thoughts of self-loathing to move on. It’s time to dump her and move on. Draw a line in the sand and resist the urge to cross it.

Step 1: Express Your Feelings
Acknowledge all your fears, doubts, and negative thoughts or feelings about you. Write it down and deal with it, everything.


Step 2: Redefine
Look at these fears and write down contradictory statements.

For example:

Fear: I’m afraid that if I try to build this new business, I will fail. I don’t think I have what it takes.

Opposition Statement: I may fail, but the pain of not trying will be worse than the pain of failure. I prefer to try and fail and have never tried. That’s what I want, and it’s worth the risk. I can do this. I come back from failure earlier, stronger and smarter. I let go of this fear.


Make sure your counter statement is valid. Make it your own so when you read, you feel loving and strong. This will give you the strength to overcome your self-confidence.

Step 3: Stop it
Let all your fears, doubts, and negative thoughts go. Release the heavy weights that hold you back so that you can move forward with joy rather than with fear.

Now that you feel 100% lighter, you can lift yourself up and continue on your way. Step by step, focus on the next best thing you can do to work toward achieving your goal. Do not look up at the mountain and get frustrated.



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