Small Stories

The Ultimate Test-Small Story



One night, four college students stayed up late at events, even though they knew they would be tested the next day. The next morning, they came up with a plan to get out of the test.

Each student rolls the dirt and goes to the teacher’s office.

They told the teacher that they had found a flat tire last night, and they had spent the night pushing their car back to the compass.


The teacher listened, and to the delight of the students, she gave a review three days later.

On the day of the test, students go to their teacher’s office. The teacher put all four students in separate rooms for the test. Students were ready for that because they were given the opportunity to learn.

The test consisted of 2 questions:

1) Your name __ (1 Points)

2) Which tire was hidden? __ (99 points)

Front Right
Front Left
Back Right
Back Left


You always have to take responsibility for your actions without making wise decisions.
Without making wise decisions, you always need to take responsibility for your actions. This means not blaming other people for your mistakes, not complaining about current reality, and not accepting pressure from others.



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