Small Stories

Puppy Love (Find Yourself)-SMALL Story



The owner of the pet store found new puppies for the puppies and was willing to sell them to their “eternal” families. A little girl walked past the store and saw a sign, “Puppies for sale” and she was really looking forward to going inside.

He asked the owner, “How much do puppies cost?” The owner replied, “It’s about $ 50.”

The girl took her change from her pocket and told the shop owner that she only had $ 2, but she still wanted to look at it.


The shop owner whistled at the dogs, who came down the hall with his dog. 5 small furballs, followed by one, limping one after the other. The girl simply picked up the puppy that was lying on the back and asked the shop owner what was wrong with him.

The owner explained that the puppy was born with a disability – he was missing a hip socket. He was limping all his life.

The girl was happy and said, “I want that puppy!”

The owner replied, “You don’t want to buy that puppy. If you really want him, you can find him for free. ”


The girl was angry. He looked at the owner and said, “I don’t want to be with him for free. That puppy is just as important as the others. I’ll give you the change I have now and a dollar a month until I pay the puppy in full. ”

The owner went on to say, “This dog will never be able to run and play like all other dogs, I think he will regret this decision.”

To his surprise, the girl came downstairs and rolled up her panties to reveal the paralyzed leg supported by a large metal bar. He looked up at the owner and replied calmly, ‘No, I’m not a runner, and this puppy needs someone who understands. “


Don’t think about other people’s needs, needs, or abilities. Each of us has his own weaknesses, whether physical or mental. The trick is not to let your weaknesses slow you down, but instead, find others in the world who can support you. Find yourself and surround yourself with people who challenge you to reach your full potential.



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