Understanding the 5 Steps of Life Can Help You Go Through Difficult Times


Most of us know that we go through many different stages as we move through life. In my work with clients and my personal life, I have learned that rather than experiencing these stages just once, we find ourselves often.

Being able to identify which of the five categories we are in (in each area of ​​our lives) is very important because there, we can avoid the mistake that many people make – trying to skip the most important, challenging ones (such as # 1 and # 2).

By understanding these stages and our journey through them, we learn how to give them what we really need when we need them.


Health Phase # 1: Testing
The first stage in the life cycle of any test. This section is about learning, opening up, and doing new things that we will need later.

In addition to starting something new, the Test Stage can also be a time of recovery after a change or loss.

The openness and curiosity of the newborn, when we are in the process of exploring any area of ​​our lives, it is important that we are open to inspiration, understanding, and information from unexpected sources.

If we run the Examination Phase, we may miss out on important information or opportunity to gain the clarity and wisdom we need over time and, as a result, our future creation may not have the depth or permanence of the universe.


Support Suggestions
If you are in the testing stage in some area of ​​your life, it is important that you pay attention, listen, gain knowledge, and give yourself enough time and time to study and explore.

It can be helpful to keep a notebook or log to help you remember what you are reading, so that you can find it later.

This category requires a lot of self-care, acceptance, and empathy.

You may feel led to take a course, read, read self-help books, or listen to podcasts. You may also benefit from professional help, such as that of a teacher, trainer, specialist, specialist, counselor, support team, doctor or therapist.


During the Review Phase, it may be important to ask for understanding from loved ones, and be willing to learn from those who have more experience than you do.

The key is learning. Take the time you need to expose yourself to new ideas and ideas. Read, immerse yourself in details, and be inspired.

Phase # 2: Integration
After receiving the information, we may begin to feel a little closed. This is often what people describe as a limbo or chrysalis class.

Integration Stage progresses from one object to another. Old patterns fall apart and new ones are created. We are in the middle of things.


We may have completed one level of education but we are not yet experts. We may have had our first child but we are still learning our parenting style.

When we are in the process of integrating somewhere in our lives, we may feel more tired than usual. We can easily see ourselves as lazy or lazy, unaware of the amount of work we do.

It may be helpful to remember that integration is a very powerful process in the art of change. When we fully integrate our ideas, we become stronger, stronger, and ready for the future.

When we skip this step, it is usually not as solid or as solid as it should be.


Support Suggestions
If you are in the integration phase at some point in your life, it is important to strengthen yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally, and know how much you have benefited from the previous phase of testing.

Strengthening activities can include the basics of self-care such as drinking water, relaxation, exercise, meditation and spending time relaxing with family members and friends.

You can also benefit from joining a program or group where you can safely practice the skills you have learned and apply your new ideas. Integration requires humility enough to embrace what you do not yet know, and the courage to try what you have just learned.


Phase # 3: Creation
After we have integrated new ideas through practice and experimentation, our energy begins to gather again. We are ready to take action.

The Creative Phase requires a large amount of energy output, which usually occurs in secret.

In a relationship, this is the “love” stage where couples can often get enough of each other. They do not share much with others but instead form the basis of their relationship and define who they are as a couple.


In our personal or professional lives, we may have a great loss of energy or desire to tear down, redecorate, write, create art, create something new, or redesign an aspect of our business, our life, or our home.

In the health field, we can be very motivated, suddenly feel able to start and stick to a new diet or exercise program. We start to get really excited about making something new happen. It is powerful and directed.

When we give our process of creating the space and respect we deserve, it can feel like it happens to us that something we have to work hard to make happen.

Support Suggestions
Creation is so fun that you tend to skip steps # 1 and # 2 and run into it, pretending we are in the creative phase and not. It is important that we be honest with ourselves about whether we are willing to give up our full potential to produce something new.


On the other hand, if you are really in the Art category, it is important to make room for it. The great speed and the pouring of the actual full Creation stage is not permanent and usually consumes everything.

It is a very important, precious, and sacred time. Your creation is in danger right now and needs time and space to become what it becomes.

Now is not the time to speak in public or to share what you are experiencing. Protect yourself from doubt and criticism, or from anyone who is jealous or may not care about you.

Ignorance can drain your vital energy and damage the creative process. If you do share, share only with those you truly trust.


Creative Stage usually requires a lot of time, attention, concentration and energy. It is almost impossible to be in the creative phase in all areas of our lives. Creation takes a lot of energy, different areas of our lives need to be rotated.

If you are in this phase, it can help to make a plan so there is no more important thing to do with cracks in other areas of your life. Ask for understanding from loved ones.

Lower your standards and make it easier. Release non-essential items. Make sure that important things like self-care, debt relief, child care, health, and basic relationships can be done in a way that allows for creative space.

You may want to share, uninstall resources, or pause things that interfere with your art flow. Consider scheduling small, time-consuming sessions with your partner, children, or important activities but which you can give as much energy at the moment as you would like or normally do.


Make room for creative release while also making sure your whole life stays healthy and safe.

Health Phase # 4: Sharing
The Sharing Phase is when we get out of the chrysalis and start sharing our creations.

In a relationship, this stage is when couples start going for a couple of days or bring a partner home to meet the family. Or they may make a commitment in some way, such as going out together, getting engaged, or getting married. Relationships are strengthened by sharing more publicly.

In the field of health, perhaps after months of weight loss, jogging, or exercising with a small group, we may be ready to compete, run a race, or post our training on social media.


With an old pursuit or business, we can share products with a small group of people at first, have a small art exhibition, or publish our book. We may introduce our business or new product.

When the time is right to share, it happens easily and without energy. Sounds right. It is as if there is an open flow between us and anyone who is ready to accept the gift of our creation.

Support Suggestions
New creations are in danger. It can be helpful to view a relationship, course, book, business, or new home as an organization itself.


Is it ready to emerge in some way outside or is it still warm? Early sharing can create something that could be successful because it is not yet ready for public scrutiny.

On the other hand, sometimes we delay participation because of fear or worry that our creation is not good enough. It’s important to slow down, use common sense, and remember that sharing is about keeping your mobility going.

Sharing is about being kind to yourself and others. It’s about letting the positive energy of your good health, business, home, family, relationship, or product benefit others in some way.

As you begin to share and emerge from the outside world, move on and stay in tune with your strengths. Go slow, find your pace, take a vacation if you need it. Protect yourself emotionally and physically.


Remember, we will never please everyone. As you begin to share, accept any failures, negative feedback, or closed doors as it increases the chances that other doors will open, so your real nation (or audience, partner, customer, friend, student, etc.) can find you.

And you are happy! The Share section is where we give to benefit others, and that is always good.

Health Phase # 5: Releasing (or Auto-Pilot)
In everything we create and have, there is a moment when we let go.

This does not mean that everything we release ends. It could just mean that some aspects of our lives need to go autopilot, or it is time for them to change to a different way.


Releasing the natural phase in life. If we do not release something when it is time to do so, we may find that our energy supply and resources are hampered by our growth. On the other hand, if we give up too soon, we may encounter new problems that require more time and effort to resolve.

Releasing frequency is about automation. We no longer need to be hypervigilants to make sure things go well. We do not have to direct our creation as we once did.

This stage can also be about releasing something like a habit, pattern, or commitment that has given purpose to our lives for some time, but it no longer benefits us.

Letting Go Stage is usually a time lost or cleaned up. As we release what no longer works for us, we create a space for new, positive energy that is more in line with what we really need.


Loosening also occurs when something has gone through its life cycle and needs to come to an end.

Support Suggestions
Letting go of time for excessive self-care. Consider getting professional support to help you delegate roles and make tasks work, perhaps a professional editor, an experienced coach, or a professional.

Now may also be the time to get help from a therapist, health coach, therapist, recovery program, or support group to help you grieve, heal, reunite emotionally, manage release, and quit.

Above all, be gentle and kind.


Releasing is as natural as creation. The more we let go, the more we can open up to anything that follows.

Final Thoughts
Going through the five basic stages of life in many different areas of our lives is dance. The most important thing is to know where you are doing to give yourself all the support, care, and understanding you need to live well and the best result.


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