What Is Perfect Life? 5 Rules of Life


“You complete me!” Sounds like a sappy phrase from a love movie.

Sometimes, though, we have experiences that make us feel that way.

Imagine how you would feel if you ate a delicious meal and ate the same amount of dessert. Or imagine you are at the end of a good day, perhaps on vacation, when the seemingly perfect moment goes on the next day.

My friend expressed this feeling after having her third child. At the time, she said their family felt perfect.

A sense of perfect life can be like a deep peace, an appreciation for all that we have and all that we are, with no other desires at present. It can bring a sense of belonging.


As we move through life, we are constantly bombarded with messages about what we need or how we can improve our lives.

However, a sense of completeness is not limited to an external goal that we can check our list. Instead, it is an internal and personal matter.

So, what is perfect health?

Ask Yourself This Question
It is important to ask:

What does it mean to live a perfect life for you?

Have you ever felt the feeling of your life seem complete, even for just a moment?


My personal belief is that when we feel a sense of perfection, we are there, grateful and connected to our unique inner essence.

In fact, I mean that the power or spark that you have within you is greater than the other person on the face of the earth that you do or will ever do.

I believe that living a full life means being yourself – yourself.

What Is Perfection, Really?
There are many different ways we get this theme or gift – our true identity.

We see this principle in action when someone does something he really wants to do. Their eyes light up, smiles across their faces, they are completely focused on the moment, doing what they love to do and being what they really are.


We see the same glorious power when we look at a piece of art by someone who flowed perfectly when he created.

We see it in a child when he or she is fully immersed in it and finds pleasure in playing with a toy, rolling in the sand, or expressing delight in whatever is happening.

While we all have the ability to feel this sense of perfection, it does not happen automatically.

It requires the ability to release, or sec. It is already perfect as it is, unique and almost magical.

How Do We Live a Perfect Life?
How do we move from day-to-day responsibilities — working, paying bills, trying on healthy eating, exercising, connecting with the outside world, and keeping our relationships fun, while still having a sense of perfection and perfection? What is perfect health?


The answers are different for all of us, but in my experience, the following five principles can help.

  1. Choose empathy and empathy
    We are often taught that the only way to be truly successful or to have a happy life is to learn to do better than others or to do our best.

What if, instead of focusing too much on life, we try to be compassionate?

One of the greatest teachers I have ever had the privilege of studying with when it comes to empathy training is Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron.

Pema teaches a simple process called tonglen meditation. In short, meditating on tonglen training to let go of the difficulty of judgment, and to reach a soft spot for empathy and empathy.


The important thing about empathy is to remember that because we are different, we are always connected to each other because we are all human.

The ability to be truly empathetic and deeply empathetic not only enhances our current relationships but also helps us to attract new and meaningful relationships.

  1. Be at risk for stability and growth
    We get a lot of messages from advertisers that we would be happy and successful if we were perfect. The fact is, perfection is not the goal of any one of us.

Although none of us are perfect, we can all make significant changes, changes, and growth.


When we change our view of life as a hobby, an opportunity to grow and learn, and apply the concept of growth, we begin to feel the joy that comes from stretching only.

In this way, living a perfect, complete life is not about achieving certain goals, but rather finding new ways to communicate with that unique, complete, changing, growing, and expanding part of us all the time.

The power of stretching and growing helps us to feel life as a series of perfect times rather than as a last resort.

  1. Give Back and Help Others
    We all have something different to offer the world. Studies show that knowing that the small role we play makes a positive difference makes us happier and healthier and has a positive effect on our resilience.

Ask yourself if there is one simple way you can make the life of a better person today. Pay attention to what you choose.


When we find a way to make a difference and match our unique gifts and who we really are, we reach a new level of fulfillment.

Your unique way of helping can illuminate the path to a larger sense of purpose that can help make your life feel more complete.

  1. Listen to Your Intuition
    For years, I have studied and taught ways in which each person can easily access our intuition. I am often amazed at both how easily each of us can access the answers in our lives as we take a moment of peace to connect.

We get so many messages about what is right and wrong that we often forget to find ourselves and be confident. By simply remaining silent or meditating on an open question, however, easily and powerlessly we can gain a stronger understanding of what is best for us in our lives.


Other ways to reach our intuition include writing, writing down our dreams, listening to how our body feels when we are around certain people or performing certain tasks, and asking ourselves certain questions about what we need most and paying attention to the first thing that comes out of our minds.

Our intuition can be a powerful guide to discovering unexpected stops along the way, values ​​we would never have known were available to us if we had not trusted our inner wisdom.

  1. Do What You Love
    Studies show that when we do what we love, and do that in a state of flow, we find our way not only to happiness, but also to great success and perfect well-being .

You don’t have to do what you love as a profession. You don’t even have to be skilled at it. Making time for the activities you love, without thinking about where they came from, can make a huge difference in your life.


If you are not sure what you like to do, there are many books about finding your love and spending your time traveling and inventing things, including Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star and Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow by Marsha Sinetar.

Respect for our passions not only helps us connect with our unique theme, but also helps us discover our own unique ways of life that respect all of who we are.

Doing more of what we love can also open the way to new hobbies or activities that can help our lives feel more complete.


Final Thoughts
What is your perfect health? Rely on your answers.

What do you think of the idea of ​​having a different theme that no one else has? What makes you feel so symmetrical, connected and alive?

Look back at the 5 rules above. What do you enjoy most? Which do you think would be the best influence on your life right now?

Choose one of the rules above and get started today. You’re already on your way!



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