Can you marry me?



Centuries ago, in a small Italian town, there was a business owner who was heavily in debt. Her bank clerk, an old, unattractive man, longed for the beautiful daughter of the business owner.

The bank decided to give the businessman an agreement to forgive the debt he owed the bank in full. However, there was little catch.

So that the businessman would not be in debt, he would arrange for his daughter to marry the manager.

The businessman did not want to compromise, but he had no choice, as his debt was getting worse.


The bank said it would put two small stones in the bag – one white and one black.

The daughter then needs to get into the bag and pick the stone blindly. If she chose black stone, the businessman’s debt would be canceled and her daughter would be required to marry a banker. However, if they chose a white stone, the debt would be canceled and the daughter would not have to marry him.

As he stood on the paved path in the businessman’s yard, the banker reached down and picked up two small stones, unaware that the businessman’s daughter was watching him. She saw that she had picked up two black stones and put them in her bag.


When it came time for the daughter to choose a stone from the bag, she felt she had three choices:

Refuse to do it.
Remove both stones and expose the bank cheating.
Choose a stone, know it to be dark, and sacrifice to get your father out of debt.
He picked a stone from the bag, and immediately ‘accidentally’ threw it at the pile of stones where it all stood.

He said to the bank owner, “I’m sorry, I’m confused! Oh well. Just look in the bag to see which color stone is now so you know which color stone I picked. ”


Well, the remaining stone was black. Because the bank owner did not want his fraud to be exposed, he played a trick, pretending that the stone that fell from the businessman’s daughter had to be white. He canceled the businessman’s debt and the daughter remained free from spending her entire life with the banker.


While you may have to think outside the box sometimes, it is always possible to overcome a difficult situation. You do not have to always offer the options you are presented with. Challenge the status quo. Think creatively. Participate in productive competition where possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that are expected to be true. To overcome challenges, you need to think in ways that you have never considered before.




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