Difficult Living Conditions And How to Do the Best for Them


“No matter what challenges or difficulties you face in life, we all have something deep inside of us that we can reach down to and find inner strength to overcome.”

  • Alana Stewart

The ups and downs, the ups and downs, the rain and the light, the joys and the sorrows, the day and the night – is the way people describe life: a series of events, sometimes fun, sometimes in pain full of sorrow. Yes, that is what life is, as we know it.

There are many situations in life that we can put up with. The wise thing to do is to get ready to face the difficult times in our lives. These moments often affect us deeply at the psychological level and can damage our lives.


Being prepared for these moments can help us improve the way we live our lives. Being prepared to face challenges is what it means to learn and grow.

The idea of ​​doing the best of all life throws at us. Remember, most of these situations are not under our control. So the logical way to deal with these situations is to accept and move on.

Below we discuss some of the difficult situations we face in our lives and how we can best deal with them.

  1. Quarter-life, daytime health problem
    As we grow older, we experience the effects of physical and mental changes. Therefore, there come times in our aging process in which we seek answers about the changes that are taking place in and around us. After puberty, in our early 20’s or early 30’s, we begin to make decisions about how we can get into society.

This time of change can be difficult for some of us to deal with which turns into a ‘life crisis’. Excessive amounts of confusion and stress often lead to conditions such as depression or self-harm.

During the aging process, another stage is called the ‘daytime health problem’, between the 40s and early 50s when we first really feel our death. These are times when we have to deal with many changes in nature, as human beings, which we find difficult to deal with. Knowing that change is inevitable and gaining the strength to accept change is the only way to gain courage and go through these difficult times.

  1. Separation
    Love happens and separates from it. And without saying a word, separation breaks the heart. When all those feelings get out of hand, it can hurt deeply.

What to do after a breakup? Accept the fact that it happened for good reasons, keep your mind busy doing something worthwhile and know that love is happening again. The pain subsides as it always does. Turn pain into a motivation to bring about positive change in your life. (Join a gym, maybe, and then sweat it all out.)

  1. Changing friendships
    To be alive, we need love and friendship. These are undoubtedly the most important aspects of good health. We simply cannot do without friends because we are not made to live alone. We want and need friends who will help us grow. So changing friendships can be difficult to deal with. Leaving friends and adjusting to a new face as you leave behind what you loved can be a challenge.

But people come and go. This is another unavoidable fact about life. We’ve all read those cheeky lines online like “Those who want to stay in your life will find ways to do so” and it’s true. Don’t be afraid to accept and release people and welcome new people into your life.

  1. Failure
    Failure is a difficult time, of course. They are difficult on many levels. Do not meet the goals you have worked so hard for, the feeling of worthlessness, all the negligence that brings you together – this is hard to bear. However, again, we have heard and read many stories of success after failure, stories of what patience and perseverance can bring. So we know that the best thing you can do at these times is to get inspiration and move on.
  2. Divorce
    Marriages do not require much effort to make their marriage work. We have seen many failed marriages that lead to divorce and we have heard the news or seen how difficult it is for the whole family to change. Sadly, some of us have had to deal with this traumatic experience.

While divorce is as bad as it sounds and probably no one really likes the idea of ​​going to a divorce attorney, divorce is the best answer if the marriage doesn’t work out. It opens the door to positive changes in life. Knowing this helps people to maintain a positive outlook on life after a divorce.

  1. Loss of employment
    Losing a job can be very painful, and you may starve to death. And trust me, there is no stronger time than when you have to spend days on an empty stomach.

So, what should you do after losing your job? You may feel hopeless at this point but do not sweat at it. Be strong and make an effort to find someone else, a better job. Keep Calm and carry on.

  1. Aging
    You may have heard the story of the Buddha and how he set himself on the path to enlightenment; he saw the tragedy in the life of the man he wanted to experience. The point is: aging can certainly be difficult and there is no cure. Gray hair, wrinkles, poor health, inability to do things you once did with great ease, these are some of the things we become accustomed to as we grow older.

Of course, it is no secret that there is no source of youth. We will all grow old if we live long enough. So, the best thing you can do is plan ahead for aging if you don’t want it to be a tragedy. You see, that’s why smart people come up with things like pensions and retirement plans.

  1. Injury, illness
    Accidents do happen and sickness can catch us, no matter what warning we take. However, this should not stop us from recognizing and trying to live a normal life. Recovering from an injury is one of the most difficult times a person can have and learning to be able to live with changes in your body and skills can be a major physical and emotional change.

Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to coping. The seemingly long journey of recovery can be made less stressful by engaging in other preventable diseases. There is usually something you can do if you are determined. For example, there have been people with cancer who have written beautiful novels from their hospital beds.

  1. Loss of everything you have in a natural disaster
    Natural disasters are one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. During these disasters, people can lose people very close to them and all their belongings, including their homes: a truly traumatic experience in life.

But as usual, we go back.

We are strong enough to come back at the most difficult times and start over. The fact that we have survived this tragedy is reason enough to believe that we are given a second chance. What we can do after disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis or hurricanes to help each other and find hope in this time of despair.

  1. Death of a loved one
    Death is the ultimate reality in life. It can reach anyone at any time. The sudden grief is always hard to deal with. Losing loved ones, living without them is the worst kind of change a person can make in life.

The model of grief and loss has five stages of grief: denial, anger, depression, negotiation and acceptance but it does not happen in the same way for everyone. Some of us may take too long to reach the acceptance stage.

Death needs to be mourned so grief is the right thing to do but the best thing we can do is honor the dead to accept the truth and move on when we can. Remembering the importance of this person’s passing we can also plant a tree, perhaps.


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