The Bond of Love and Truth


The loving couple had been married for more than 10 years without a child and then in their 11th year. Steve and Sara were both living together and had high hopes of having a child before the end of their 11-year marriage because they were being persuaded by friends and family members to separate. But they could not let go because of the strong bond of love between them. Months passed and one day, when Dave returned from work, he saw his wife walking down the street with a man.

Months passed and one day, when Dave returned from work, he saw his wife walking down the street with a man. The man had put it around his neck and they looked very happy. For more than a week, he saw the man and his wife at various locations and one evening when Dave returned from work he saw the man leave the house after kissing him on the cheek. Dave was angry and upset but did not talk about it with his wife.


Two days later after a busy day at work, Dave was fetching water from a glass jug from a vacuum cleaner when the phone rang. He took the man and said, “Hello darling, I will come to your house tonight to see you as you promised.” Dave hung up. It was the voice of a man and he was sure that this man was the man he always saw his wife walking with. He soon shuddered at the thought of losing his wife to another man. The glass jug fell from his hand and shattered into pieces.

His wife came running in and asked, “Is everything all right?” In a fit of rage, he pushed his wife away and pushed her away. He did not move or stand up. Dave then realized he had fallen where he had broken the glass jug. A large piece of glass had pierced him. He felt his breath, heartbeat, and heartbeat but when he was asleep he was not alive. Completely confused, she saw an envelope in her hand. He picked it up, opened it and was shocked by its contents – it was a book. It read:


“My dear husband, words cannot express how I feel, so I have to write them down. I have been seeing a doctor for over a week and I wanted to be sure before I give you the news.

The doctor confirmed that I am pregnant with twins and our baby should be two months from now. The same doctor is a lost brother who is far away who I lost after our marriage. He has promised to take care of me and our baby and give us the best we can without having to pay a dime.

He also promised to have dinner with us today. Thank you for sitting next to me.

Your loving wife.


The book fell into his hand. There was a knock at the door and the man who saw him and his wife came in and said, “Hello Dave, I think I’m right. I’m Max, your wife’s brother.” Suddenly, Max saw his sister lying in a pool of blood.

MORAL: We should not be too quick to take unnecessary action in our relationships or marriage when we have not asked our partner or spouse what we have seen or heard about them. We all have our mistakes. We should not be too quick to judge others. Not everything you see, hear, or believe in is true. Always learn to control yourself under any circumstances or circumstance, no matter what you have heard or seen.



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