Five Whys: The Secret to Successful Goals


Do you have great potential for success in life but always fail? If so, you need to be introduced to “the five.”

Determination and purpose are not enough. If you want to reach the goal you have always dreamed of, you need to strengthen your goal setting. Five reasons are related to defining effective and achievable targets.

Read on to find out more about this method and how you can benefit from it, too!

What Are Five?
Let’s start with the definition of who the five are. It’s not rocket science. These five are just five questions depending on the reasons. The idea is to dig deeper into whatever is going on in your head.


Great Idea
Five ways to ask why it is a way to ask questions. Imagine being a detective sitting in front of a potential criminal. Just as you may ask every single question that comes out of their mouth, so do you.

Indeed, you are both a criminal and an investigator in this case. Therefore, do not try to deceive yourself. Be very honest and open. The answer to one question should lead to another question until you reach the crystal clear conclusion.

Being clear about your real intentions is a big part of setting effective goals. Unless you listen to your real identity, you will never know the real reasons for your intentions. As the real goal becomes obscure, your whole path will be filled with obstacles. What will that do? It will not confuse the process and make you tired, but it will also increase your chances of failure.

The five methods are questions that vary depending on the situation. Depending on your answers and goals, specific questions will vary. However, the purpose remains the same.

You want to find out more about the reasons for your goal. You may think you know the answer, but once you start digging deep, you will learn a lot. [1] However, it is better to make sure the cause is known and firm.

You may wonder
Start with the key question as to what your objective is. Who five will follow this great question.

The first is why you should focus on why you think you have this goal in mind. Will it bring you peace of mind or financial stability? Or is it just a hobby that you want to use.


Next, ask its significance. Why did you choose this policy? There are probably many different routes available that can meet your needs.

For example, if you choose something to satisfy a hobby, you can go to painting, music, dancing, and much more. So, what makes you choose one of them over the other?

Third is the continuity of importance. But here you will focus on ways that this purpose directly affects your life. Why would this goal be a safe bet to improve your existing life?

Going forward, ask yourself why you can’t achieve what you want without this goal. Here you need to find the reasons why this purpose makes your life complete or fills a void.

Lastly, ask yourself why this goal will make you feel better. Given that if you have trouble achieving something, you expect it to make you feel better than you already have. So why should a new hobby or financial stability or peace of mind make you happier with life?

Again, these are not difficult questions. You can adjust it according to your situation. The only thing you need to make sure is to examine yourself honestly and not leave doubt.

How Can You Use Five Whys?
Now you have the difficult idea of ​​what these kids are really like and what kind of questions you need to ask yourself. To better understand, let’s look at an example to know how to apply this technique in your real life.

John is a man in his 30s. He has a prestigious job with a well-known company. He lives alone in a rented apartment, uses public transportation, and has the health of a middle-class American community. His level of leadership is enough to allow him to live a decent life.

However, John has been thinking of starting a private business. It will start at home, use it online, and then gradually grow as the business grows. Here’s why five will be used in a situation like this:

Why does John need a second source of leadership?
Why can’t John meet his financial needs with his salary?
Why is a business his choice among so many other options?
Why is now the right time to start a business?
Why would a private business make his life easier and his lifestyle better?
John will answer the questions one by one. He may think of a few other reasons as he walks down the street. But in the long run, he will have a clear idea of ​​what his needs are and what makes him choose this path.

John has a fiancée. She plans to marry him next year and start a family for something else. When he gets married, John wants to have a car and a home. Although her income is sufficient to cover her daily expenses even after marriage, she still has much to save.

A private business will allow him to save enough money for all his future goals including marriage, honeymoon, house, car, etc. If he puts the roots of the business now, when he starts a family, his business will be a position where he does not have to invest a lot of time in it but still make good money.

In unexpected cases during the coronavirus, John was worried that he might lose his job. What if the same problem or other tragedy causes John to lose his job when he has children to support? Only then will his business be enough to continue his life without financial worries.

Since John will have all the answers in mind, he can devise a plan accordingly. He knows his goal is to have a running business in a few years. So, even if the business is not profitable for the first six months, that will not be a concern.

Converting Whys into step-by-step goals
Now, you do not have to fight against mental illness. If you have just started this way, try using the navigation method on the chart.

Even if you have asked for an investigation in your mind, it is better to write down important points. It will help you in this second part of the process. Having answers and clarity alone is not enough. You need to use this information to reuse.

In John’s case, he knows that he needs a second investment, especially his future. Therefore, it would not be a problem if anything he started would take time to generate profit.

At the same time, you know that you only need this salary as a backup. His daily expenses can easily be combined with this payment. However, the extra money will go towards her savings that she will spend next year on her house, car, and wedding.

Since his plan includes the opportunity to quit the job and become completely dependent on the business, he knows that he will have to plan for something better in the long run and it is not just a matter of time.


John’s intentions
Based on five reasons and analysis, John’s first goal would be to research his options. Since he does not have enough time to deal with a second job, business is the only way to do it. Depending on his investment budget, he should look for something that can only be run online by one man at first but also has the potential to grow into a multi-employee brick and mortar business.

His next goal would be to set up a website. If he is selling a material product, storage space will need to be adjusted. In addition, delivery services and other items should be considered.

Next, she can move on to more time on her schedule so that she can focus on her business. As John continues, his intentions will change accordingly.

If you also start thinking and planning like John, you can easily define practical goals, deal with problem-solving problems, and reorganize your life to be more productive.

Fifthly this is nothing but additional steps in the process of defining goals. Everyone has heard of SMART goals, but only a few succeed in creating SMART goals.

For these five reasons, the whole process will be easier and more efficient. It is not difficult to use and is not time consuming. Just listen to your inner self so that whatever you end up doing will bring you the satisfaction we all want!



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