Ten Principles Of Success To Live Your Dream Life


Are you stressed and frustrated, wishing you could spend more time doing the things that really matter? Are you ready to do something better, something special in your life or career?

When you are ready to do what you want in life, then 10 goals for success are what you need to follow.

You were born with a gift that no one else in the world can offer. When you dance your music, you naturally improve your birth skills and succeed at work and in life. He’s the perfect rock star. But if you live with someone else’s opinion of who you should be, you are throwing your trench.


Many people – perhaps you – stop pursuing their dreams at a very young age because their talents have been overlooked, diminished or embarrassed. They didn’t have the chops to win the American Idol competition or to win an Olympic gold medal, so they stopped showing off their birthday presents altogether.

You don’t have to be a prize winner to shake your life. Living your dream life is all about finding your great strength and feeling alive and happy when you use it. It’s about being your own owner that makes you unique and finds people with the same mentality to support you.

Here are 10 tips for success to help you live a rich and rewarding life according to your terms that have worked with thousands of people in my workshops and will work for you.

  1. Find a hobby to get closer to your dreams
    If you have never been a professional dancer or a world-renowned writer, it does not mean that you should stop dancing or writing! These activities keep you alive, even if you “do” it as a hobby.

Having fun is one of the most important success goals you can follow to get closer to your dreams.

When you try something new for the first time or for a long time, you start to see opportunities in work and life that you never knew before. You also feel happier and stronger, according to a recent study from New Zealand.

Some of my highly managed clients have revitalized their careers by finding a creative environment that empowers them after the end of the work day. Research at San Francisco State University shows that having a good time reduces stress and helps you to be more productive.


So, give yourself permission to try new things and visit old passions you have left long ago. Setting aside just one hour each week for self-examination can change your life.

Who knows? Your creative space can turn into a thriving business or lead to a new job down the road.

  1. Focus on Your Strength, Not Your Weakness
    Did you know that you are more likely to succeed when you develop your natural strengths than to work on your weaknesses? The problem is that you probably do not know where your true skills lie.

Here are a few options to help you discover your unique strengths. You can:

Take the VIA Character Strengths Survey
Try Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment
Answer a few powerful questions

Once you understand what makes you tick, you can use these skills in your work and life to get more done in less time. If you develop your unique skills through practice and study, you can speed up your work and become a leader in a field that is important to you. It is worth investing in this.

  1. You don’t have to throw yourself into the abyss
    Here’s the deal: most people are afraid to change. When participants first came to my workshop, they told me they had mouths to feed, debts to pay, and they were afraid that if they followed their dreams, someone would get hurt.

The old adage “jump and the net will come out” does not comfort them. Because they hesitate to enter the unknown, they believe that their only option is to stay where they are in life. Are you recounting?

You do not have to give up your current life to start a new one. I was a professor of psychology during the day and a musician at night for many years before turning into a full-time music career.

Just take a moment to go out each week and do what you do for a living by hobbies, volunteer work, etc. You heard about it.


Is that what you really want? If so, maximize the time you spend doing and making changes when the time sounds right.

  1. Give Your Internal Critic Some Love
    The biggest case that keeps you from going out of your comfort zone and getting the life of your dreams is KCRP or K-CRAP – a radio station that plays 24/7 in your head. The moment you try to do something fun in your life slaps you with a slap in the face to kill charts such as “Who do you think you are?” and “You can never be good enough!”.

Have you ever noticed that a DJ with an evil KCRP spirit sounds like your parents, teachers, administrators, and other authorities lock you up artistically? These people do not need to stop you (or often do) because your inner critic is doing it for them. That keeps you attached to the problem.

To break free, try to think of this DJ as a shy old man who gives you money to stay safe. Remember, this evil-hearted grandfather is no longer affected from time to time. So, his strong opinions don’t matter so much, do they? Give him a hand on his back for his good intentions, and restore your focus on making you well.


This success program will give you the courage to go into the unknown where you can dance to the rhythm of your drum.

  1. Accept Your Inner Person
    Many of us do not follow our dreams because we are afraid that people will find out how strange or strange we are. But our little failures are often our greatest strengths. Yes, it’s good to be quirky.

Problems, you lost track of your real passions and abilities before you were old enough to know you were leaving the track. He began to become “unclean” by learning to:

Take on family roles that are different from who you really are.
Throw back what your teachers have taught you at school rather than risk getting bad grades by being the first.

Hide your invisible parts that are acceptable to certain social groups.
The entry price is that you can end up earning a life that is not very good for you. Your true calling is clear when you accept what makes you different from others and allow yourself to stand out from the crowd, even if it sounds hard. Often, the very qualities you consider to be your faults are your greatest gifts.

  1. Look at the Big Picture to Find Your True Beat
    I cannot stress the importance of this system of success enough. Your true calling is before you. But you may miss it because you want it in the wrong place.

To “see” it clearly, try to broaden your viewpoint.

Example: Maria felt the need to retire early to become a police detective, so she would go abroad. I encouraged Maria to think about ways in which she could continue to work as a law (her favorite profession) and travel abroad at the same time.

A few months later, Maria got a job at the United Nations in Bosnia training local police to understand and accept human rights procedures.

Like Maria, she is an everyday rock star who can accomplish far greater things than you can imagine. Is what you need in front of you, too? Do you have any inkling of what it might be?


Look beyond your daily activities, your current job, and even the city where you live. Look at your life from the eagle’s point of view and open up new opportunities.

  1. Try the little magic of the wish list
    Pretend I am your fairy godmother and I give you permission right now to be your best person. What kind of life could be music to your ears? It doesn’t matter if it seems out of place or out of date. Write it down in the wishlist.

Be quiet. Be honest. Think hard.

What would you like your job, your relationships, your health, your finances, and your spiritual health to be like that? Write down enough details to make your wishes seem more real to you. After that, check this list every morning before you start your day and each night before bed.


Sounds silly? Not at all. It works! Allowing oneself to dream during the day for a rich and fulfilling life is just the beginning.

  1. Take a break to get directions about your wonderful future
    Did you know that working directly until the deadline leads to reduced recovery? Studies show that taking 15 minutes of rest every 75 to 90 minutes can help you rejuvenate, refocus your focus, and do more in less time.

Wait, it gets better! Stanford research shows that travel increases your creative productivity by up to 60 percent. Performing repetitive tasks such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and sweeping allows problem-solving problems to creep into your mind.


How does this principle of success relate to building your dream life?

These mini-breaks allow you to get important clues of what to do next to secure your best future. Also, you will not waste precious time and energy on other people’s agendas.

  1. Take Action with Your Inspired Thoughts
    When an inspired thought comes into your mind, take action.

This is one of the most powerful principles of success in transforming your dreams into reality; the sooner the better. Whatever it is – from calling an old friend to taking a new route home – be sure to do it!

Pay attention to your unequal hunting. You need to follow what you want, not just dream about it. As comedian Jim Carrey warns,


“You can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich.”

  1. Count your Rockstar Moments
    Are you unsure if you have what it takes to achieve your dream life? This ultimate success strategy is guaranteed to help.

Make a list of all your accomplishments. As you read over and over again, place a star next to each object, and let it sink.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you will feel about yourself later. You will also see how successful you have been in the past in getting what you want. You have succeeded before, you can succeed again.

You’re already shaking. You just need to be the owner. Trust me, you have this!

Final Thoughts
Eleanor Roosevelt said,

“The future is for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


Following these principles will help you to find the time and energy to do the things that matter most and live a purposeful life.

By spending just one hour a week doing something you love, focusing on your strengths and achievements, accepting what makes you different, and acting in harmony with inspired ideas, you can build a life that suits you perfectly, step by step.

If you do not have an idea of ​​what your dream life might look like at the moment, don’t worry. Your heart knows. Long ago I “talked” to you. It’s just KCRP-focused, buried under a lot of “tos” and fear.

Stop, be quiet and listen. It always tells you what you need to do to realize your rockstar ability. It can be just a rumor right now, but the more you pay attention to it, the more it will grow, and the easier it will be to follow.



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