10 reasons why following your passion is more important than money


Elite Daily has earned a number of points as to why you should fire your dream job, regardless of your salary. If you feel unfulfilled in your role, perhaps it is because you are on a path that is not connected to your love? Maybe it’s time to head straight for that road and take a different route:

Money is a powerful force, creating empires and tearing down empires, allowing dreams to come true and taking others, making some people happy and others completely miserable. Today the pursuit of money is probably linked to the pursuit of happiness, many would argue that money = happiness.


However, this is a problem in nature as this mindset leads many people to deviate from the path that does not suit them well. When people choose their jobs, they are sometimes blinded by money so they choose to follow the paper trail. Although money can buy us all the things that will make us happy for a while, no money can buy time. Time is our most precious possession and it is, that while we are on earth, we must use it wisely. You should not feel like you are wasting your life unnecessarily

This generation is in trouble especially because jobs are scarce and many of us will be caught up in doing the jobs we hate just because we need money. While this may be the right step for our work now, this should not be something we do for the rest of our lives. it’s better to look for something we like. Here are 10 reasons why you should follow your love and not money.

  1. Working for money can be a powerful incentive to keep one’s job.
    Every Monday to Friday he goes to work at 9 to 5 sitting and drifting away from their hours pressing on the work being done. This is not the way to enjoy your life. Working eight hours a day 5 days a week for something that makes you miserable is not the way to live a full life.

Most people who choose unsatisfactory jobs will tell you that they would all do it differently if they had the opportunity. You only have one health, so don’t waste it by working somewhere you hate just for the sake of money.

  1. You enjoy the work you do.
    There is nothing worse than waking up every morning during the week to go to work. However, this is by no means a problem if you are interested in the work you are doing. If you are not forced to work elsewhere because of a financial problem, you really enjoy what you are doing and you will never work for a day in your life.
  2. You can interact more with the work and come up with better ideas.
    Forced labor is one of the most pressing issues. While there are times in every job where you may feel that the work can be exhausting and dull, you should know that not every day will be fun. There are ups and downs, but if you are passionate about work you look beyond the bad days. Your creative process is also different. You are more inclined to come up with creative ideas when you like what you do.
  3. Work does not seem forced on you.
    When you look at money over your whole life and your love, you will find yourself in a cycle of endless misery. Work is no longer a job or a journey, but it is a further problem for your mind and body.

Every day when you go to work with this mindset you start to hate your job so much. While many people feel that they must work hard to retire and have money, what is the point of having fun in your later years when you spend your life miserably?

  1. No matter how much money you make, nothing will help you overcome the feeling of doing something you hate.
    Many accountants enter American companies, spend countless hours during the week and make big money on pay day. Many of them have accumulated all this money, but they never enjoy the fruits of their labor because their labor takes a lifetime.

Many of them hate their jobs because they don’t really like what they are doing. Is there a worse feeling than doing something you hate? This hatred will eventually cause depression and, in the long run, will have lasting consequences for your life.

  1. You are more inclined to work later.
    If you work in one of your favorite places, putting in the last few hours is not as stressful as it used to be. For you, spending extra hours doesn’t hurt so much because you don’t feel compelled to do it, which makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

Every industry has a busy time and no doubt there will come a time when you will need to put in extra hours. Will it be easier for you to work long hours at something you can focus on or something you can’t stop doing?

  1. You are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.
    Certain obligations in your job will require you to exceed more and more job responsibilities. Occasionally during busy times, you may be asked to perform certain tasks that are not part of your daily routine. It’s much easier for you to put in more work if it’s something you really care about. Because you love your job, you will be willing to put forth extra effort to go beyond what you need.
  2. No obstacle will prevent you from achieving success.
    When you really enjoy what you are doing, nothing will stop you from doing your job. Because you are passionate about what you are doing, you feel uncontrollable and nothing can stop you from reaching greatness. Your love accelerates your work, and like a rocket, it speeds past the potential road blocks. Any obstacle that comes to you is accepted and fought for by a creative solution.
  1. Our jobs will take up most of our lives, so it is also possible to do something we enjoy.
    You will spend most of your life working and there is no other way to this fact than to be born into a wealthy family or to get married rich. For all of us who are not fortunate enough, we will use the best part of our lives to work so that we can earn a living.

There is no way around this, so we can also accept the cards that are intended for us. Many people do this in the wrong way because they feel that work is something they should be doing rather than something they can enjoy. When you realize that your work should be a hobby, then you will lead a happy and fulfilling life.

  1. You will find more fulfillment when you finally do it.
    There are few emotions that are better than achieving the goal of success. There is nothing like clearing your bucket list of goals you have set for yourself. When you finally get to the top, it’s great to know you’ve got to do something you love. Remember that work should not be something you hate to do, stay true to yourself and always do what you enjoy.


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