Small Stories

The SMART Worker-Small Story


On another occasion, a hardworking woodcutter asked for a job at a lumber mill, and he got one. The salary was very good and so were the working conditions. For this reason, the woodcutter was willing to do whatever he could. His boss gave him an ax and showed him where to work. On the first day, the woodcutter brought in 21 trees.

“Congratulations,” said the manager. “Keep it up!”

Deeply moved by the captain’s words, the woodcutter tried hard the next day but brought only 17 trees. On the third day he tried very hard, but he only came with 10 trees. Every day, he brought with him trees that grew thinner.

“I must lose my strength,” thought the woodcutter. He approached the employer and apologized, saying that he did not understand what was happening.

“When did you last sharpen your ax?” asked the manager. “Lola? I did not have time to sharpen my ax. I was very busy trying to cut down trees. ”


MORAL: Sometimes hard work alone is not enough to achieve success. You have to work smarter too! The woodcutter in the story is the best person for this job but he does not have the right conditions to succeed in this particular job. With the right attitude, nothing is impossible in life.


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