23 Goals In Life To Achieve Personal Success


Have you ever wanted to achieve personal success in your life but are not sure how? Almost all of us have. With the exception of a few chosen ones who see that there are good intentions in life that will lead you to achieve the dream of having your best days ahead of you.

Personal goals come from all walks of life, be it deeply personal, health-related, financial or how you can be a better person in society. Prioritizing sleep, getting used to thinking and getting along with long, lost friends are some of the goals you need to do to live a happy and successful life.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. How would that make you feel?

When you realize that there is no place for you in this life game, only dance to dance, you are free to achieve your kind of personal success.


This article is designed to help you do just that. It highlights the various goals in life in various areas such as health, finance and the arts that will help you to achieve your potential.

With 23 different objectives, your goal is to grab your favorites and run with them:

Your Life Goals:

  1. Pursue Equality
    While most people seek happiness, wealth and health for themselves, it is often only about equality that most of these things are accessible.

Equality is defined as high level of calm and serenity, no matter what life throws at you. If you can find balance in the most difficult situations, then you will be blown away by the situations that others (and your ex-partner) have found to be very stressful.


The best way to achieve balance is to practice putting yourself in difficult situations over and over again. Like learning to drive a car, your fears and anxieties gradually diminish and you begin to climb.

  1. Travel as often as possible
    People often talk about walking as a gateway to the soul but it’s hard to see how true it is until you do it for yourself.

Travel does not even have to involve flying to the other side of the world to become a Buddhist monk all year long. The benefits of travel can come from something as simple as a weekend trip to another city in your country.

Traveling not only opens up new people, new cultures and new experiences, and helps you grow as a person by reminding you that there is a lot going on outside of your own football.

So get out of there and make visiting one of your goals in life!

  1. Take a Section That Likes You But Not Important To Your Work
    As someone who is passionate about improving yourself and building a better life, you probably like to learn new things and feel productive.

Sometimes though, you can skip all the work and forget what sets your heart on fire. You forget all the hobbies you used to follow before ‘life got in the way’.

So go out and pick a class that you admire or use that you don’t like about your work. Not only will life be restored and refined but it will also keep you refreshed when it is time to work again.

  1. Practice Contemplation
    Things that get the load of hype rarely live up to their expectations. Contemplation is definitely different.

People have been preaching for thought for a long time now and their roots go back to ancient Buddhism. Until recently, the benefits were part of humanity but scientific evidence is now emerging with the power of reason.
Thinking works best when done on a daily basis, or for just ten minutes. Sit comfortably and focus on your surroundings and your thoughts. Sounds easy but works amazingly well.


Here are seven simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation

  1. Love Living by What It Is, Not What You Think It Should Be
    There are countless times when life does not go your way. It is useless to fight it, so you just need to accept and accept whatever life awaits you.

When you are fed up with what life should be like, you drown in your expectations and mistakes. This is a surefire way to lead a life of frustration and disappointment.

The only way around is to enjoy everything up and down. Life is a symphony with a variety of notes and melodies; stopping and repeating one note you like or dislike spoils everything.

  1. Live now
    Life in the past or in the future is where most of human suffering lies. Often, regrets about what you should have done or worrying about what you should have done will lead to unnecessary negative emotions.

It’s easy to forget that you only live in the present tense. All the thoughts and experiences you have had have been ‘now’ flowing all the time.

So it only makes sense to do one of your life goals now, because that is the only place where life can happen.

Health Objectives:

  1. Run a distance of 10km
    Why 10km? Because it is not short enough to fit into your health goals list with just a little training but not too long to start training.

10km at a good speed is equal to about an hour of running. You can do that, can’t you?

Even if you fail to mark it, running is a very good health practice to take anyway as it does not require gym membership and is accessible to anyone with running shoes. It should definitely have a place on your list.

  1. Hold a Deep Square for One Minute
    You may think that this is an easy goal in life because young children can easily do it. You might want to think again!

While some of us do it with limited freedom, most amazing people strive to be deep enough or fall back into balance when they enter the deep center.

As the article in QZ points out, it is an active relaxation technique designed to evade the physical hazards caused by prolonged stay during the day.

Exercising a deep squat for a minute or more every day is a great way to strengthen your ankle, knee, lower back and basic walking and increase your balance. Everything is important in the journey (literally) of life.

  1. Eat 80% Health, 20% Fun
    One of the best advice I have ever received is from a certified dietitian who talks about his diet. Eat 80% healthy and 20% happy.

Let me explain: 80% of what he eats is food that he feels is good for him whether he likes it or not. The other 20% is her favorite food, no matter how bad it is for her.

This is the wonderful purpose of life and the food you should have and live by. She realizes that most people need to be good things but life does not really exist without good things always.

  1. Drink plenty of water, a little bit of everything else
    While substances such as coffee, protein shake, herbal tea and nicotine also have their place in making you feel more productive, it is important to remember water.

More than half of your body is made up of H2O, getting at least a few glasses of good things a day is essential to your overall well-being. Especially as your body uses water for all the cells, organs and tissues and the role it plays in many other important processes.


All the other stimulants can also be addictive – everyone knows the guy holding the coffee to keep the normal body active. Immerse yourself in water as a long-term goal of life that is right for your life.

  1. Put Sleep First
    The hustling and ‘sleep culture’ is slowly disappearing and with it, a new appreciation for our old friend of nature – sleep.

Essential texts on the importance of sleep are growing daily and are causing even hard-working entrepreneurs out there like Gary Vee and Mark Manson to start prioritizing others.

Sleep has been shown to improve learning, reduce the risk of depression and even sleep has been shown to be a good way to combat some of the effects of a bad night’s sleep.
These are some of the perfect numbers for getting a good night’s sleep; so make it a priority.


Creative Objectives:

  1. Write Every Day Month
    This is one of the goals in life that is not as complicated as it may first appear. With daily writing, it can mean anything from a single publishing page to writing 1000 words a day on your blog.

The act of writing helps both to clarify and organize your thoughts. It is common for you to get angry over the issue for days just to see how it sounds and what it looks like when you see it written on paper.

Just place a small paper pad and a pen at your destination. Sit down and write a story on your desk or write down some ideas about your next business.

Even if you pursue this goal for a short time, you will still learn a lot about how good you can be.

  1. Write down 10 ideas a day on any topic
    Well-known businessman James Altucher was the first to invent the idea of ​​being an ‘Idea Machine’ with the task of writing down only 10 ideas a day. Since its inception, thousands of people have considered it to be the very purpose of life.

The idea is simple: by writing down 10 ideas, you transform your artistic muscles that are not often hard pressed. Your theme for the day could be book ideas or ideas for better productivity or something as stupid as ideas for what you would spend $ 1 million on.

The theme does not matter. Thinking does. It is usually five or six points that people need to start thinking about. Do not give up! This is where the goal is most important and in no time, you will be the Idea Machine.

  1. Pursue Beginning Again
    As you progress through life, your teenage years and your twenties are far behind. You have a better idea of ​​who you are, what you like to do, what makes you happy, what irritates you and how to connect with other people (usually!).

All of this may be simple but it adds a quick slide to your comfort zone. And as you know now, there is not much happiness in living in a comfortable environment.

Ask yourself when was the last time you started something? Last time you knew you looked stupid because you didn’t know what you were doing?

The answer should be the same if you want to continue to develop your character, your personality and resilience when it comes to dealing with new and uncertain situations. So get out there and try a new game or a new hobby!


Relationship Objectives:

  1. Learn How To Be Peaceable
    Next to ‘I love you’ and ‘Irish clock’, saying sorry is one of the most difficult words to say in English.

There is something about apology that can seriously undermine your self-esteem and lead to suspicion that you are constantly being referred to something or someone else. As a result, not many people apologize in their lives.

So it may seem like a small goal in life but if you can learn the art, you will be one of the few people out there who knows I’m sorry. That is something worth fighting for.

  1. Call or text someone you haven’t spoken to in months
    As life begins, you often drift away from people you once loved. Even if your best friends or family still love you, you may now see them only once a year as life begins to ‘get in the way’.

Surprisingly, you are lucky enough to live in a time when distance has been reduced by technology. Those friends and family who are no longer able to meet face-to-face are just a text message or a phone call away.

It is a very simple and satisfying goal to achieve and to accomplish today. Pick up the phone and immediately chat with someone you have not spoken to in months. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. Balance Work Life Balance
    If you work very well and the work accumulates very quickly as you are done, it can be easy to get lost and think it works = life.

The two are not measured yet. Work is just one aspect of life; it is usually the work you finish to make money or if you are lucky, something you love too.


However, there is more to life than just life. Your relationships, friendships, interests, health and many other things are important and are often overlooked in the workplace.

It is a good goal in life to reduce your workload and take time for all the other important parts of life. No one regrets working too little in a death bed, just too much.

Community Objectives:

  1. Communicate Your Thoughts With The World
    Surprisingly, it is common for a complex person like you to put yourself down and not feel that you are good enough to share your point of view.

Whether you understand it or not, the world needs you. It requires your ideas, your enthusiasm and your unique perspective on the human experience. Although most people think they are doing good by keeping their thoughts, they are actually doing bad to everyone who can benefit from their word.


Your purpose for communication is not to provide TED Talk. The main purpose is simply to express your thoughts and ideas and to accept other people’s opinions.

Starting your own blog or podcast is one of the best ways to do this, but simply telling a friend your ideas is a good start.

  1. Fix Broken Items
    If you pursue this goal, or do nothing, it will not only lead to a better life but also to the world around you.

The beauty of this policy is that it can be as small or as large as you want it to be. Don’t you like the way the door handle in your bathroom is wonky? Fix it. Don’t like the fact that there’s no application for that problem yet? His.

Entropy can be the natural state of the physical universe, but it can keep things in order for a while.


20.Friving Volunteer
This is one of those health goals that seems to be on the bucket list for everyone but not everyone who has access to it. If you can complete it, the results can be life-changing.

Donating to an organization that helps the needy helps you to see what life is like for those who are less fortunate than you. It offers a unique perspective on all the blessings in your life and is often followed by a deep sense of gratitude.

Of course, not all the reasons for your commitment to the charity are focused on you. Many people are left to benefit from your charitable actions and like the goal of ‘fixing things’, the world is left a little better after you do your part.


Financial Objectives:

  1. Have a Goal-Free Life Goal
    Debt is a lifelong commitment if you let it, and it can be a barrier to achieving some of the goals listed on this list.

Debt is almost inevitable in life. Whether you pay a mortgage, pay a car monthly or use a credit card. However, living without debt should be the goal and peace of mind that go with it.

There are many ways to manage it, but the best way to save money is to pay for it. Not only is it easier to save when you are paid compared to when you run out of money, this small savings ultimately ends up with a huge collection that allows you to pay off large lumps of debt.

This is one of the best goals in life.

  1. Set Money Trading Time
    Most common jobs do just that. One resource that you will not get much time for – it is sold locally to get a resource that you can always get more and more than the basic income level, it is only used for unwanted needs.

To stop trading time is money to enjoy freedom. Take advantage of a scarce global resource and live life to the fullest.

There are several ways to achieve this goal; or get a job you love and get paid or build new revenue streams as a side-hustle that helps you get your time back on track.

  1. Live Under Your Power
    To live under your power the knot that binds the bow for the last two purposes.

Just because you earn a certain amount of money does not mean you have to spend that amount. In fact, it shouldn’t.

Living within your means to spend less than you earn and connects with the value of time.


Trying to justify one’s lifestyle to the point of exhaustion not only drains energy but also requires time and money.

Use less money and you will get a lot more than money. You will find time to do all the other amazing things in life, including some of these new goals that you have set for yourself.

Final Thoughts
With all this information on the various goals you can pursue in your life to be more successful, I hope you feel a little more complacent and more inspired than when you first found this article.

As mentioned in the introduction, these goals are something you can work on forever. Because the road is long, do not be discouraged by all the lumps and jerseys that will definitely come on the trip. This is just part of the process.

You do not have to wait to start any of these goals. You can start working anywhere and all today.

So what are you waiting for? Your success is waiting!



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