How can you connect lust and purpose to fulfillment in life


If you want to experience real happiness, happiness and personal satisfaction in life, look where you are going with your passion and purpose. For many people, the two of them often sit in the back seat because of the need to survive — work day and night to pay off debts and live a good life.

However, if you think about it longer than it is, you will find that there is nothing that satisfies the deepest desire of every human being to be fulfilled other than to live with purpose and to exercise their true love. This article focuses on how you can connect your love with your goal to finding satisfaction in life.

Passion Vs Purpose
While the two are inseparably connected, they are also distinct and must be understood separately and collectively.


What Is Zeal?
Desire is what triggers your emotions, what motivates you, and what makes you feel good. Anxiety is often linked to your natural abilities, talents and desires. This is what you like to do and do well without feeling pressured or compelled.

Anxiety is an important ingredient in success. Most successful people are very loving. When you are interested in something, you will strive to catch it, and this will increase your productivity. Anxiety also increases your self-esteem, and self-esteem leads to success. With love, you can develop the needed strength to try to cope with life’s challenges and other obstacles that prevent others from succeeding.

What Is the Purpose?
Purpose is the reason you do what you do. It is the motive for your actions and the things you want in life. Purpose is often linked to understanding the purpose of life – the reason behind your unique life story, your background, and your future.


Purpose is the most important thing in life; it is actually a real line for measuring success and impact. Purpose gives your life direction and keeps you focused. When you know the reason why you are who you are and what you are meant to do, your life stops being a temptation; instead you will be living confidently, and life will be more meaningful.

The difference
There is an important difference between love and purpose, although you must combine them to live a fulfilling life. Purpose is based on belief, while interest is based on power, feeling, and passion. Anxiety may subside over time. However, the goal is for life.

Anxiety is about “what,” and the purpose is about “why.” You may be interested in different things, but the goal is usually unique and focused.


How to intentionally connect your passion
The challenge for many people is that their love and purpose are not connected. Some are not even sure of life and live just a moment. Others post their love for the wrong things, and when love is not connected to the purpose, it eventually leads to resentment. That is why people lose their energy when faced with the great tragedy of life. But when your love is connected to a goal, you will record extraordinary results in your life.

Consider lighting a fire; lust is the fuel needed for a fire to burn, and the goal is the reason why the fire is lit – what you want to achieve by lighting a fire. When you have the confidence to burn, your love burns and all your energy is released. That is why it is so important that your interests and goals work together.

Before you can intentionally connect your will, you must first identify what your desires are and what your intentions are. Below are some guidelines for finding your love and purpose.


Finding Your Will
To find your passion, you have to pay attention to it. This is because your love comes from your words. The following questions can help you to find out what your true love is:

What are some things I do that make me happy?
What are my favorite subjects to read and learn more about?
What work / work could I volunteer to do for a longer period of time without financial compensation?
What can I do with my time if I do what I love and get paid?
What makes me feel “sinful”? What do I do creatively, easily, and fun?
Once you have found your interest, the next thing is to find out what your goal is to start moving your love toward your goal.

Finding Your Purpose
Purpose actually precedes interest, even though we usually get our desires first because they reflect emotions. Your desires can be a clue to help you discover your purpose. You can ask yourself some questions to get an idea of ​​your purpose.


Using our example of fire, it can be asked: Why fuel? Is there a need for fire? And if there is a need for fire, what does it mean to burn?

At a higher level, you can ask:

Why do I have this gift?
Why do I have that talent?
Why is it so easy for me to do this when I am struggling to do other things?
Why do issues like this bother me if I have a problem with other issues?
Why do I see this in my life?
What about my past and present experiences with my future?
Controversy of purpose may require a deeper soul search and perhaps divine inspiration. One of the proofs that you have found your purpose is to believe strongly. This is what makes you so brave, ready, and willing to commit to a lifelong assignment.

Connecting Concerns Intentionally
To begin to combine your preferences intentionally, the following practical suggestions you can consider:

  1. Examine Your Health
    At any stage of your life, you can reevaluate your health and your journey. Search the soul for what your true love is and your purpose. This may require you to take some time off from your current plans and return to a place where you can focus only on yourself. You can plan this for your next vacation.

You can also start by learning more about topics of interest and purpose to prepare your mind and guide you in your self-examination.

  1. Start Living With Confidence
    Once you’ve figured out what your passion and purpose is, let it express it in your life. Start living every day with your new faith. Let us show you how you use your time, what you learn, what you talk about and where you are committed. Start seeing things in your life through the lens of your faith.

You will also start looking at how you can use your daily gatherings to keep your faith strong.

  1. Redirect your Passion
    To connect your preferences intentionally, you may need to begin redirecting your preferences. This is because you may have been using your strengths and abilities to do wrong things. But once you have discovered why you have those powers, desires, and interests as mentioned earlier, then you should direct your love to your beliefs.
  2. Embrace New Opportunities
    What you are participating in now does not represent your true interest and purpose at all. It could be your job or your chosen career, the things you spend a good part of your years pursuing and advancing. You may not need to give up those things, but you can look for new opportunities to express your true love and purpose.
  3. Make Big Changes
    To find satisfaction in life, you may need to make some major changes. There is not much you can pay to get the kind of life they deserve. You do not have to be perfect to be the kind of person Jehovah wants you to be.

Final Thoughts
Many changes in life when you point to your true love and discover your purpose. It gets better when you are able to connect your love with your purpose. Your life will have meaning, purpose, and purpose. You will be proud of being alive, knowing that your energy is being properly utilized.



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