Want to Know What Really Motivates You, and How to Stay Active


When did you last want something so bad? What do you think drove you to pursue that desire? And, if you did achieve it, what were your motives after that?

When it comes to chasing what you want, whether it’s a dream job, a car or a house you’ve always dreamed of, or the love of your life, there’s a lot of power to attract you to that dream. Have a long line of memories, and think back to the last moment you were chasing something you finally found, and think about what you went through to find it. What pushed you to discover it?

What Influences Your Desires?
Chances are, if you look back on your journey to that success, you will see that at the heart of your motive was a purpose. This is a very important driving feature that allows you to be motivated to work hard, or to find solutions and ways to achieve your ultimate goal.


It is important to have a goal or objective, because once you have that logical goal, it builds the ability to move you forward or draw you into it. This pull and pull is the basic power to drive all sorts of motivations. Motivation can be divided into two types: Intrinsic Motivation. Understanding these two types of motivation will give you greater control over your self-motivation.

What is Extrinsic Motivation?
Let’s take a look at Extrinsic Motivation first. This happens when we are motivated to behave or participate in a work in order to win a prize or to avoid punishment. Examples of this type of motivation include working overtime on a project because you want some form of approval from your employer, or arriving at work on time to avoid being reprimanded by your supervisor. An external stimulus can compete in a prize-winning or prize-winning competition.


In all such instances, the character is motivated by a desire to receive a reward or to avert a negative outcome. It is not uncommon for people to engage in immoral conduct, not because they enjoy it or because they find it satisfying, but because they want to get something in return or to avoid something unpleasant. This type of motivation is caused by an external factor.

What Is Internal Motivation?
Now on the other hand, Intrinsic Motivation involves engaging in behavior because there is a reward in itself. So in this case, you are now doing a job for which there is a desire for some external reward or feature. So this could be wanting to play your favorite songs on the guitar, or watching comedy movies.

This behavior is driven by inner desire. In other words, morality itself is a reward, and it does not have to be an external source. Internal motivation occurs when we act without visible external rewards. We just enjoy the work or see it as an opportunity to explore, learn and develop our skills.


When did you last do something to please the work itself?

What Is the Difference Between Internal and External Motivation?
The main difference between Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation is that Extrinsic Motivation depends on external rewards or fines, while Intrinsic Motivation rewards the character itself. If you now go back and think about the desires or achievements you had in the past, were they overly motivated or internal?

The reason many fail to get a continuous drive is because they rely too heavily on External Motivation. If you want to have long-term and sustainable motivation, you need more to be driven by Intrinsic Motivation. Why is that?

The answer is simple. Extrinsic Motivation is subject to external rewards or penalties. Once that prize or penalty has expired, this source of motivation will disappear. Also, external rewards or penalties are always limited, and you usually do not manage.


On the other hand, with Intrinsic Motivation – the work itself is already rewarding. So its supply of “stimulant fuel” can be almost limitless if properly cared for.
How Can You Increase Inner Encouragement?
Now that you know the importance of Intrinsic Motivation, the next step will be to expand it and make it sustainable. As I said earlier, Intrinsic Motivation is the key to long-term, sustainable goals. However, good intentions are not enough. To get the most out of it, you need to increase your Intrinsic Motivation.

It is important to do so because Intrinsic Motivation may have a reduction in return. For example, you feel thirsty, the weather is warm and you just want to drink a can of Coke. It would be nice if you could have a coke in hand. Once you have it, it is satisfying to drink. But suppose I give you a second can, and then the third can, and how on the fourth? Your satisfaction will eventually decrease and you will never get sick of it. So this law of reduction in return comes from everywhere, or through our Intrinsic Motivation.

How can you increase Intrinsic Motivation?
Before you start feeding your Intrinsic Motivation, it is good to know the things that make up Intrinsic Motivation. This will equip you to get better at your Intrinsic Motivation.

  1. The challenge
    The first factor is Challenge. It is important to set a challenge to your goals. After that the process of achieving that goal is seen as far as possible, but not for sure. This way when you finally overcome all the obstacles to achieving that goal, that directly increases your self-confidence.
  2. Curiosity
    The second factor in developing Intrinsic Motivation, is Curiosity. It is when something in the physical realm attracts your attention (curiosity) or when the activity encourages you to want to learn more (curiosity).
  1. Control
    The third feature is Control. This is the ability to take control of yourself and / or your environment so that you can decide what to do next.
  2. Partnership and Competition
    Finally, we can be cooperative and competitive. This is the satisfaction you get from helping others, or following a shared goal in support of friendship.

It can be a joy and satisfaction to put your skills and work to others, and use them as a catalyst for progress.


Improve Your Inner Motive
Now that you know the key factors that contribute to the promotion of Intrinsic Motivation, you can focus on enhancing each element to increase your Internal Motivation. How can you grow in each item to increase your inner motivation as you pursue something?

Once you take care of your Intrinsic Motivation, you will begin to rely less on Extrinsic Motivations and you will find that your patience and drive to achieve something is greatly improved.

You will gain greater independence and independence too, knowing that you do not need to rely on external sources of approval, recognition or rewards. This alone will be very satisfying.

Applying seven Cornerstone skills as outlined in this article can make a difference in your life, imagine learning all the skills to live your good life!




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