3 Signs of a Successful Marriage (and How to Cope)


Marriage is said to be the most difficult task in the world. Statistics show that the divorce rate is about 50% in western countries . What are some common symptoms of a failed marriage and good coping strategies?

Sign # 1 You don’t feel attracted
If you look back on the reason you chose your spouse in the first place, that reason no longer applies to you. As a result, it seems that your marriage is falling apart. This is an important sign of a failed marriage.

Why is that?

Loss of attraction often happens to you as much as when you are working with your partner. Somewhere in the queue, stop looking for what you like about your partner and stop noticing all of their special qualities that you were attracted to in the beginning.


You may also find that the more you focus on the little things that irritate you, the more often these things seem to happen!

Anger is one of the precursors of a failed marriage because it is one of the major causes of emotional upheaval. When we are under pressure, our body gets stronger as our body prepares to fight or fly. We take a threatening position. This includes our facial expressions and body language. Our eyes hurt, or we stare in disbelief.

There is nothing in our open or receptive body language to our partner when we start to spread, and the tension they feel from us is often enough to get rid of them.

Now we both focus on what we do not like about each other and how we do not want to feel.


Every step we take from an emotional state will lead to chaos. This is because when we regenerate emotionally [2], our pre-closed correx closes the point at which we lose the ability to think and act openly. So, instead of talking openly about the issue we would like to see resolved, we criticize or sue our partner to the point that he or she feels humiliated and starts asking why they want to stay with us.

Satisfaction is a major killer of relationships, and it is important to know that it works both ways. If you are not committed to how you look in your relationship, you have the same responsibility for the separation of your relationship.

How to Avoid Feelings of Attraction
As with any relationship problem, the first person to take care of you. How do you appear in your relationship? At the risk of obvious identification, personal hygiene and cleanliness behind you are very important. How often do you think of checking your breath and body odor? It only takes a moment to check your underwear, breathing, and genitals every time you go to the toilet – and fixing any issues you encounter will go a long way to keeping you attractive to your partner.


Furthermore, do you nurture a happy, healthy marriage with a sense of humor, calmness, and appreciation or do you encourage a failed marriage by resisting, accusing, and criticizing?

It’s amazing how you can quickly bring back a happy and rewarding relationship when you promote your game “A” into your best version; give common and direct praise and appreciation and focus on creating positive results with your partner.

Sign # 2 You’re Not Sexual
When you do not enjoy sexual intimacies with your spouse, you are more likely to look forward to an intimate marriage. This obvious sign of a failed marriage is more common than you might think.

You are not alone; 80% of people suffer from the negative effects of sexual problems in their relationships, from:


Internal vaginal dryness (this is not just a menopause problem!)
Problems with access to orgasm (this happens to both male and female partners)
Getting out early
Erectile dysfunction
Emotional disconnection (arguments, inappropriate communication, suspicion, suspicion)
Unwanted sex process (fictional sex education)
Let’s dig deeper into understanding the underlying causes of intimacy problems and how you can quickly restore a happy sexual life.

Internal Thirst
Many people think that this only affects a woman after menopause, but this is not the case – intrauterine dehydration can occur in women of all ages. More than 50% of women get this issue, and it is one of the biggest reasons to avoid sex, which can lead to a failed marriage.


External lubricant does not solve this problem! This is because thirst affects his inner inner walls. Every concentration can make a woman feel like her vaginal walls are being rubbed with hard sandpaper. Having sex can make her green and sore for a few days later.

So how can a woman and her husband deal with this problem?

It all comes down to one simple process, which can be done before and during prediction, penetration, and sex. The Inner Vaginal Flush Technique can help prevent the loss of libido and sexual desire associated with the internal dryness of the vagina .

Orgasm Access Problems
This is another common problem of sexual activity affecting both men and women and can be considered to be associated with a failed marriage. A staggering 43% of women suffer from inability to reach orgasm, especially during sex.


When a man is unable to reach orgasm, it is usually because he is mentally disturbed.

Failure to reach orgasm is often linked to other emotional and sexual challenges including (but not limited to) past sexual harassment, feelings of disconnection from your partner, problems with your partner’s work, unwanted sexual intercourse, or vaginal dryness that causes stiffness and pain.

A man also cannot achieve orgasm if he does not know the feeling – and that is what happens when your mind is distracted or you are too focused on sexual activity.

If you suffer from sexual anxiety in a relationship, you should make sure you are dealing with the cause of the problem.

Many over-the-counter medications and drugs are not effective in dealing with orgasm problems because the problem of mental retardation is not solved. The man continues to focus on the wrong story, so they do not initiate the proper hormonal response during sexual activity to complete the sexual system in their brain.


Early Release (PE)
Many partners in this sexual relationship think that their partners are self-centered and that it is a sure sign of a failed marriage. However, this is often as far away from the truth as they can find. The challenge for a man to have premature ejaculation is to focus too much on how to arouse his partner, and on how to arouse every sexual act.

But you are also worried about how long you will stay, and try not to think about that!

This leads to his brain receiving only sensory signals, which directly remove him from the formation of urine with little or no entertainment at all.

A man with PE needs to focus more on his partner, but he needs to be on the right track and not too long … otherwise he can create a different problem which is:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
I call this the challenge of a caring person. Often it is the result of paying too much attention to his partner and therefore not giving his brain the right amount of signals to wake up or find or maintain a complex structure.


Most women have no idea about the good line a man has to have sex with. Not only is she expected to be hard at all during foreplay, but she needs to be ready to go “on demand” and stay hard to control ejaculation as long as it takes her partner to reach orgasm.

When her partner has the challenge of (her) taking too long to reach orgasm, this includes anxiety about her performance and can lead to both partners feeling like their marriage is failing.

Emotional disconnection
Is communication a chicken or an egg when it comes to relationships? Feeling emotionally disconnected from our partner can lead to a lack of interest in sexual contact. After all, when we don’t feel connected to our partner, why would we want to get involved in an act that shows the last connection?


To prevent a marriage from failing, it is important to understand the consequences and the consequences. If we avoid intimacy with a potential mate, they can be emotionally distant. After that no one gets what they want.

We need to deal with any relationship issues that cause us so that we do not contaminate our relationships with negative thoughts and their negative consequences.

Sex can be one of the best ways to get out of our mind, to reconnect with our body, and to make oxytocin (known as love hormone) and endorphins. Dealing with our emotions will not only prevent conflicts but also reduce stress hormones and increase our happy hormones.

Take care of everything and get help to resolve any sexual activity issues, and you may be surprised at how fast your libido opens up, no matter how old you are.


Unwanted Sexual Assault
In fact, this is the culmination of many sexual problems, and it is often due to a lack of real sex education. If we were lucky enough to get any sex education, we were taught safety but not strategies. This is what leads to many cases of sexual dysfunction.

If you don’t have the right information to identify your problem, how do you know what you need to change? In my experience in solving these problems for thousands of men, women, and couples, many sexual challenges are rooted in sexual misconduct or focusing on the wrong thing at the wrong time.

In the case of unwanted sexual practices, most of us get our “real” sex education from sexual or romantic novels, which contain non-realistic scenarios.

There is a lot of speculation involved in sex, and because it is a topic that can’t be discussed all the time, our sex education often comes from trial and error. This can shield us from sexual failure because we have never learned how to properly balance our sexual focus on first time, intercourse and sex so that sex can work together.


How can you ignore the happy and satisfying life of sex
Unresolved sexual harassment often undermines your self-confidence and self-esteem, and it undermines the very fabric that holds your marriage together. Don’t wait until something is wrong with your marriage before you deal with sexual problems as they are often solved with knowledge and the right way.

Have an open and honest conversation with your partner to find out what is needed and what is not, and work together to resolve issues, seeking professional help if needed.

Sign # 3 You have no Shared Vision
The reason you face problems in your relationship often stems from having a shared perspective. When you know how you want to feel, what you want your relationship to look like, and what you are working for (and your partner sharing this idea), it is much easier to redefine yourself in times of conflict or when life challenges you.


Without that shared perspective, your marriage could be at stake.

How to ignore a shared idea
It is important to get an idea of ​​what you both want and how you want to move forward together – instead of constantly renewing and remembering what you do not want!

So take 15 minutes, remove all distractions, and do the following exercise together.

The first step is for each of you to write down the 7 basic emotions that go with your main nature. How do you like to feel? What feelings accompany the essence of your presence?
Now start your connection with your main nature by writing a short descriptive sentence about what each of the main emotions means to you.


Here is an example:

Great Feeling: Connected

What the connected feelings mean to me: I love the feeling of power alignment with myself and those around me.

Now it’s time to exchange your 7 basic feelings and what they mean for you and your partner.

What’s really interesting is that while you may have other similar root feelings, your interpretation of what they say to you may be completely different.

That’s why sharing your main feelings isn’t enough. To avoid frustration over time, you need to understand what each of these main emotions means to you both. Feeling connected to your partner can mean enjoying sex!


Using the example above, you know if you do not agree with the main connected feeling because it seems to be inconsistent with and out of your core nature.

These are the times when you have the most opportunity to devote yourself to emotional empathy and to react excessively to what your partner is saying or doing. It is also possible to blame or blame instead of taking responsibility for your actions.

The most important thing you can do during these times is to remember the cause and effect of mental rejuvenation and return to alignment with your primary nature.

A well-shared idea is that each of us should always focus on restoring our core emotions through our actions rather than getting caught up in judgments, misunderstandings, and petty disputes.


In a nutshell
Most of the time we focus entirely on how our partner is violating something that is important to us or contradicts what we want to experience. However, what we often do not accept or realize is that we ourselves are often working down below and causing the greatest damage to our relationships.

If you are clear about how you want to feel for a long time and have a compass (focused action) to get there, it is very easy to feel motivated to move on to being your best version, the person who keeps your details your partner shared and attracted to your marriage.


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