How to Learn Patience to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions


Do you remember being told when you were growing up that patience is a virtue?

Over the years, I have also learned that patience is needed. It is one of the most important attributes needed to achieve what we want with ease and flow.

Obviously, it is an important factor, but not many of us find it easy to accept. It may sound easy when we tell someone to be patient, but the obstacle is in the process of learning to be patient.

And what does that mean anyway?

Collins’ Dictionary says,

“If you have patience, you can stay calm and not get upset. For example, if something takes too long or someone does not do what you want them to do. ”


Simply saying can do it eh?

The thing is, patience is also important in keeping our stress levels low. Frequent strokes cause an increase in the release of stress hormones and, in the long run, can also lead to elevated blood pressure.

Growing up, I remember not being impatient. I would throw it away with a hat fall, especially if you put me next to a sewing machine. These days there are so many random robots that can catch my goat if I am not careful.

Also, in this age of instant gratification and global speed online, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate. We usually expect things to happen quickly, but often they do not.


The good news is that as we grow older, we tend to acquire this ability naturally. And in my lifetime I have come to know some of the simple things that help. Here are 5 easy ways to learn patience.

  1. Remind Yourself Why Learning Patience Is Vital
    Aside from the obvious health benefits of being patient, there are other reasons why this beauty is so important. I always find these reasons useful during my biggest challenges.

When we become angry or frustrated, it affects our attitude, our thinking, and our behavior. We start to produce less and lose focus and clarity. Impatience can also cause us to speak harshly, which can damage our relationship.

When we stay calm, we miss the most in our daily lives because we see things differently. We become more empathetic with others as we improve our relationships. Also, we are doing too much in too little time because we are too focused.


There is also the powerful effect of impatience. If we are constantly running out of air, we create a strong space for resistance. This makes it difficult to achieve what we want and delays the downside process.

With the power of perseverance, we place ourselves in the strong position of the grant. This means we can achieve more, usually in less time and without the need to push. Instead we create a drag movement.


Reminding yourself of this when you are tempted to run away from the handle will help.

  1. Proper breathing reduces emotions
    When we feel depressed or impatient it is a sign that we are focusing too much on our thoughts.

Enlightenment and wanting something to happen causes our stress levels to rise. And before we know it, it’s already hot in the ears. Doing this over and over again means that it eventually becomes an automatic response and is hard to change.

At times like these, we tend to breathe less deeply. In fact, we spend most of our waking hours breathing slowly. And it is only when we become more conscious of our breath that we change it.


Abnormal breathing causes the supply of oxygen to the brain to decrease. This activates the sensory nervous system and creates a “anti-flight” response. In this survival response, our heart rate and blood pressure rise, and our muscles are ready to function. This exacerbates negative feelings.

Thus, shallow breathing creates a vicious cycle. We can change this cycle by taking a deep breath and moving slowly.

The American Institute of Stress states,

“Breathing deeply increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the uncontrolled nervous system, which promotes calmness. Breathing techniques help you feel connected to your body – it brings your awareness away from the worries in your head and calms your mind. ”


By practicing deep breathing, we feel more connected to our bodies in our daily lives. This disrupts that automatic stress response, allowing us to be more patient.

You can also use your deep breath to cool down in hot weather as well.

  1. Meditation Helps You Learn Patience
    This practice many people avoid or think they can’t do, but the benefits are great. This includes an increase in endurance.

We need to develop the art of patience in order to meditate, and through regular meditation, we increase our endurance. This is a journey of learning to manage our minds.

As a meditation coach and trainer, I have noticed that many people have a misunderstanding of meditation. Many people I meet who do not think about it think that it is about losing their minds. They believe that to perform these ancient works “in a proper manner,” they need to be mindless.


Of course, this is not true. Our thoughts are a necessary part of meditation, and that is why.

Meditation is the practice of learning to control our thoughts so that we can focus on one thing. It is a process of being the guardian of our thoughts instead of buying into it. This allows our thoughts to pass away so that we can return to our focus.

As we do this daily, even for just ten minutes, we learn to calm our minds and this increases our levels of endurance. We can all reflect on the way we see it and understand its true purpose.

By embracing your habit and making it a part of your daily routine, your endurance levels will increase.

  1. Change Your Focus On Something That Can Be Very Helpful
    Just as we remove the focus of our thoughts during meditation, we can do this if we feel impatient. Regular meditation will help you to do this during the day.

As we shift our focus, our levels of frustration decrease.

The way we feel is the result of what we think. If we feel offended by something, it is because we tell ourselves that it must be another way.

For example, if we continue to receive red traffic lights on our way to work, we may be worried. This is usually because we think it should be different or we tell ourselves we don’t have time or it will be too late.

There is no way to replace the red robots right? It is what it is!

Or is it there?


You see, when we change our focus on something else — say we start looking for green trees or green cars — it will change the way we feel. We calmed down.

There is also the belief that “what we focus on, we get more”. As we focus on the green stuff, we realize that the robots turn green as we go to work.

Now, you might call me crazy, but I’ve heard it out here because I’ve done this many times.

The “superpowers” ​​described in quantum physics are said to be as compelling particles as particles. This means that when we focus on what we want, we attract more of that.

While we continue to enlighten how things should be different, we make this process freeze and create great impatience. We also hear a lot of what we don’t want.


By shifting your focus to something else before you feel like hitting the roof, you will start to feel more patient. This allows the flow of quantum physics to work for you. You can do this after you’re stressed, too.

  1. Adoption Is Key
    Apart from the positive effects that can be achieved by changing our focus, there is often nothing that can be done to change things. At times like these, it really is.

Whether we can or cannot change things, the habit of being hospitable will help us to remain calm. This is one of those good qualities and it is not an exaggeration.

Being accepted does not mean that we are happy about what happened. And that certainly does not mean that we do not want to change things. It just means we don’t want to give ourselves too hard time. We just want to stop it.


In the process of quitting, we begin to feel calm and patient again. This also increases our levels of empathy and understanding with others, too., Which brings positive benefits to our relationships.

So if you feel you are going to get angry over something or someone, remind yourself that it is true. Decide to quit and choose the most informed area you would like to change.

To put it together
Patience is a wonderful thing, but it is also a necessary part of living a happy, fulfilling life. Our health and mind are far more powerful than anything we find and achieve.

This quality is not just a quality – it is a way of being. And as we learn to live a more tolerant person, every aspect of our lives will improve.



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