The Most Successful Are The Most Mistake


The impact of the lives of many people is enormous.

At school, she was taught to answer questions with model answers. At home, you were taught to be disciplined, to have good manners, and to be morally clean. And even at work, you tend to expect perfection of yourself!

The problem with all of the above situations is that they punish mistakes. The teacher draws marks for the wrong answer – the supervisor scolds people for failing to take appropriate action.


It is not surprising, therefore, that from a very young age, people are made to feel bad about making mistakes. Some even feel that they have failed completely. This negative response always leads many people to be determined to try to live their lives without making mistakes. It can be mandatory. It can also lead them to try to hide or lie about their mistakes.

But there is more to making mistakes than many are led to believe.

Unexpected Wrong side of Wrong
The truth is, by always trying to avoid mistakes – we actually end up making a lot of mistakes!


It’s time to dump her and move on. They are not the beast that was created to be. They have an amazing ability to help bring about strong and fast personal growth.

If you try to avoid mistakes, then you will be missing out on a chance to hear something different than what you had planned or expected. Imagine that you are missing out on a trip to an exotic destination. By missing a plane, you are forced to stay 24 hours in a place you have never been before. But surprisingly, you find that the city near the airport is beautiful, international, and friendly. In fact, in your time there – you fall in love with everything the city has to offer. When you finally have to leave the city and go back to the airport, you feel really depressed. The city attracts your interest and warms your heart.

Obviously, if you hadn’t missed your flight, you wouldn’t have visited the city – and never found your favorite instant.


Life can be like that. Mistakes can lead to events and opportunities. And in addition, mistakes can help you understand how to make better decisions in the future.
Making Mistakes Does Not Prevent Success, Avoiding Them
Unsuccessful people put most of their focus and energy into avoiding mistakes, while successful people put most of their focus and energy into making continuous efforts to achieve their goals.

Jim Carrey, at his first comedy stand at a club called Yuk Yuk’s in Toronto, was ridiculed on stage. However, he did not let this discourage him. Instead, he used the experience as a wake-up call to improve his performance. This was not the only retreat he endured. During the Saturday Night Live 1980-81 season interview, he failed to get a share. [1] Also, he did not allow this to erode his self-confidence or ambition, but instead pursued his dreams until he finally broke with the celebrities in 1994 with the blockbuster movie “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.”


And then there’s Michael Jordan. His profile on the NBA website describes him as “the greatest basketball player ever.” And this is how most people think about him. However, Jordan himself said:

“I have missed more than 9,000 guns at my job. I lost almost 300 games. 26 times I was entrusted with taking the game-winning game, and I missed it. I have failed many times in my life. ”

But he clarified the statement by adding some important details: “And that’s why I’m successful.”


Every effort they made was open to mistakes. The more effort they put in, the more feedback they received, and the more opportunities they had to do better.
So, if you really want to avoid mistakes – don’t try anything and don’t risk it. Your record can stay clean, you’ll make a few mistakes, but you’ll also have a few successes to write home about. In other words, avoiding mistakes is an easy way to stay successful.

From Mistakes to Learning Mistakes
Failed efforts are in vain if you do not learn from them.
Suppose you expect that mistakes will occur after you make a choice. This is natural. You know that choices come with risks, and risks can lead to mistakes. However, if you allow the same mistakes to occur over and over again, then you are not learning or improving – but instead you are stuck. Albert Einstein puts it well:

“The definition of madness repeats the same mistakes over and over again and expects different results.”


The best way is to analyze your mistakes, and see if you can avoid them in the future. Put another way, make every effort to count and learn from it. By doing this, you will quickly overcome the foolish mistakes, and you will begin to make real progress in your life.

As a difficult example to consider, if you know that driving under the influence of alcohol can be deadly, and you still do it because you think it is about “making more attempts and mistakes,” that is a foolish act – not an effort to help you grow.

On the other hand, if you are planning a business project with some risky ideas, but you expect it to be flawed, then even if these efforts are successful, you will learn from them.


It’s just a mistake to start over, start over with your last non-read.
Making mistakes is not the same as failure. To do nothing would mean that you miss out on many opportunities and opportunities to learn. This ensures failure.

Be courageous, courageous, and ready to make mistakes.



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