What Is the Purpose of Life: The Purpose of Life


What is the point of life? The answer is number 42! With utmost sincerity, this is the question to answer all questions. This is the deepest philosophical question in history and I will try to answer it! What is interesting is that my answer is correct and I will explain why.

To answer that question, I have examined everything from science to religion, from our internal and external realities, to myths and mysteries. This is the path I have taken to find the answer to the deepest philosophical question that exists.

Understanding Our True Perspective
“We all agree that your idea is crazy, but is it crazy enough?” – Niels Bohr


The first thing I noticed when I thought about the purpose of life was that my purpose would be different from yours. My answer may be true, but it may be false. Basically, our seeing the truth will shape our answer to a question. So, let’s start by seeing.

Within our sense of the truth in which we live, there are three things we must look for: 1) Our external truth; 2) Our inner truth; and 3) Anonymous. Let’s start with our external reality.

External fact
Within our external reality, we have our own culture and religion. Our culture is simply a place where we grew up, incorporating all the things that affect us. One of the most powerful influences on religion is religion.


Let me start with an introduction on one point – I am a Christian. I have found an interesting read from the late British philosopher and writer Alan Watts. This will be a controversial reading, but open your mind and look for a deeper meaning.

“What kind of claims should one not make? Yes, there is only one – that is, if anyone claims to be God… Christians treat Jesus by standing up for him in the books claiming to be the only person who ever was God. No one else was there before and no one can be after that. Set him on the altar, worship him, and serve him, so that all he does will not be in vain. ”- Alan Watts

Internal truth
Religion is not the answer to the question (I do not mean that God is not, religion is not), but it does play a significant role in influencing us. Let’s take a look at our inner Reality. Our external reality influences our inner reality, but we affirm our external reality from our inner self. Confused? I will explain this when I discuss the unknown.


Within our inner reality, we find our desire. Within our desire, we find our feeling and our purpose. Our intuition is our guide and is brought about by our desire. Our intuition will lead us to our goal. Think about those feelings, when our stomachs are trying to tell us something. Since the path to our meaning in life is unclear, use your instincts to guide you. Follow those “inner feelings” as they speak to us.

Alan Watts provided some influential readings. His comments here give us some thought-provoking questions to make our process work.

“What do you want? How can you truly enjoy using your life? Forget money. If you say that earning money is the most important thing, you will waste your life by wasting your time completely. You will be doing things you don’t like to do, going on living and doing things you don’t like to do; which is stupid. It’s better to live a short life, full of what you love to do than to live a long life that you’ve wasted. ”- Alan Watts


So, where does this lead? For me, this leads me to my goal. We have a limited amount of time on this planet and I have no desire to live for the wrong reasons. I realized that my goal was focused on me every day. My purpose in life is my beautiful wife and my magical daughter. I wake up with my intention every morning.

Unknown Installation
This leads us to the unknown. In fact, I should have dug deeper into what I didn’t know, which is 99.99% of this question! After digging deep, I discovered two things that led me to my answer. Quantum Physics and Kabbalah. I found an interesting idea by comparing these two articles. Like Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near, Drs. Michael Laitman says,

“There is a limit to which we can understand. This point between the understandable and living world and beyond our imagination is the meeting place between science and Kabbalah. ”


Let us take a look at how the truth is reflected in this view. That is where our whole world lies within us. This gives us the ability to control it by changing our viewpoint. Therefore, our understanding of the world depends entirely on it; hence, we create for ourselves when we see that the truth is our self-expression.
Getting the Answer
“You will never have all the answers, but your questions may be better.” – Niklas Goeke

As a Lean Six Sigma physician, I am constantly striving to improve and solve problems. After struggling with this question for a while, I decided to use one of my problem-solving tools; a simple tool we all used well when I was 5 years old. I used a process called 5-Why, where you simply asked “why” five times (or as many as possible) until you got to the root of the problem. I have used this method for myself and my friend. Here’s how it went.
Why # 1 – Jamie: Now, Ben, what is the purpose of life?

Ben: The purpose of life is, at least for me, to my family.

Why # 2 – Jamie: Why is your family the purpose of life for you?


Ben: Because they are everything to me.

Why # 3 – Jamie: Why are they all yours?

Ben: Because they set a purpose in life.

Why # 4 – Jamie: Why do they set a goal in your life?

Ben: Because I love them.

Why # 5 – Jamie: Why do you like them?

Ben: ???

Ben and I clung to this last “Why” for a while. I had the same answers to my questions, but we stuck to the last one. We knew we loved our family, we knew it gave us meaning, but there was more. After that I had time for eureka. Also, Alan Watts came to mind. I saw something in his reading that I remembered. Here is what it means.


“The purpose of life is simply to survive. It is very clear and concise and very simple. ”

Leave it to Alan Watts to give a simple explanation of the deep philosophical question in the world. So, here is our ultimate answer to why.

Why # 5 – Why do you like them?

Answer (both of us): They give us our purpose for a simple life.

My Hypothesis “Is There a Purpose in Life?”
“A rational person sees his actions as a test – as an attempt to achieve something. Success and failure are his answers above all else. ”- Friedrich Nietzsche

Now I have two areas for this question. Let’s see if they can. Using syllogistic thinking (or diminishing thinking) I was able to explore space. Here’s what I found.


Structure # 1: The purpose of life is to find purpose.

Layout # 2: Purpose gives us a reason for life.

Conclusion: Therefore, the purpose of life is simply to live.

So here are my thoughts… Here is my answer to the question, “Is there a purpose to life?

Hypothesis: The meaning of life is found when we understand our true nature. True truth encompasses our inner truth in our outer world. When we find our purpose in life, we realize that the purpose of life is simply to live.

In short, our mind is to stay alive. Once we have found our purpose, we have a reason to live and to continue living. This does not mean living for other people. If we do that, what will happen to our truth when they are gone? It should be much larger, so that your purpose and meaning do not die.


So here is my answer to the question, “Is there a purpose to life?” Yes! My purpose in life was discovered within me when I realized that I was striving for my daily goal. Just remember, this is my truth and my answer. Yours will be different.

Lastly, I wanted to give a message to these two ladies who are delivering my purpose – my beautiful wife Tomi and the magical daughter Ella!

“Meeting you was not the first day of my life; it was the first day of the best things in my life. ”- Dr Steve Maraboli



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