Why It Is Not So Long To Change Your Life And Live Different


Every day we live our lives in a constant motion, and with that movement, there will always be a flow or some kind of next change. We gladly accept some changes, and we may find that some excuses to avoid them.

Now, it is time to ask yourself the honest question – how often do we limit ourselves to opportunities, experiences, and even give up certain dreams because we dig into the excuses most often used in a book? How often do we skip things from our bucket list not because we have finished them, but because we are so focused on how we can or cannot do them?

One time has already been repeated too many times.

There is no other power stronger than determination, and it is the power to look beyond the obstacles that are set before you, to overcome them, or to move away not because you cannot complete them but because the plans are changing.


Plans are designed to change, as well as health. And it is never too late to change your life.

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

3 Mindset Roadblocks to end

  1. “I’m Too Old to Start.”
    As the saying goes, “years are just a number” and are actually just a measure of life span.

We often combine our years as a timeline for our goals.

I want to move to the city when I am 25 years old. I want to have a successful business before 30 years. I want to have a house for 35. I wish I had been to 20 countries by 40…
It is then that our goals are not reached when the immediate sense of failure comes to the fore. The total amount of time should not be used as a goal, but rather as a guide.


Life happens all the time and at a different pace than all the people around you. There is a big difference between being distracted by life-changing balls and letting those moments define you compared to knowing them, and finding an alternative.

In the end, time should not be the sole factor in accomplishing what we should accomplish, but rather that it should be a guide to showing us when we are on the move and whether this bucket list is still being prepared for you.

  1. “I Don’t Have Enough Money.”
    How often do we say, “I don’t have enough money” compared to “I have more than enough?” The phrase “I don’t have enough money” is very common and is easily incorporated into our daily conversations without seeing the negative impact it has on giving back. Time to change that currency, also known as money blocks.

The relationships and conversations we have with money actually have more impact on our personality than we think, and having a positive attitude is the key to living the life you really want.


We often allow money to control the way we live our lives, and over time, the longing and hunger to change our lives becomes more pronounced – if not urgent.

The plural mindset means to focus on what you have now rather than what you do not have. By focusing your attention on the opportunities that money has already given you – including the smartphone or computer you are currently reading this article – it is already changing the conversation you are having.

Everything in life requires energy. It takes the same amount of energy to speak negatively or positively about your circumstances, so why not take one last step.

  1. “I’ll start tomorrow.”
    Starting tomorrow is always very backward, and by pressing your goals to the side, you inadvertently let your brain know it doesn’t matter. Your goals are always important and worth the effort.

First, look for clues that prevent you from moving forward with your goals or showing where you are spending most of your time:


Do you say yes to everything and take other people’s projects more than yours?
Do you feel frustrated that you do not know where to start?
The first step is always to raise awareness.

How to Live Alone

  1. Explain what and why
    Think about what is important to you and why this is so:

Want a change in career? If so, delve deeper into why you want this job change and what is being negotiated and what will not be discussed in your new field.
Do you need more time to do creative work? Think about why this is so important to you, and what you are willing to sacrifice in your current situation to unlock this freedom.
Do you want to start out completely new and move to an unfamiliar place? Think about what you like about that place and how it fits your feelings.
To live differently, you have to be comfortable enough with yourself because it all stems from the confidence you have in yourself.


Your self-confidence and self-esteem are driving that will force you to make unpleasant decisions and go to unusual places where life tests you. Digging deep into your heart can all ensure that these new methods are in line with your values.

  1. Show as Your Version
    If you want to live differently and feel more successful in your life, you should start by expressing yourself like that in your version.

You have to play a role and you can do this by portraying the person you love the most. It could be their leadership qualities, how they deal with certain situations, or how they express themselves and appear on a daily basis.

Showing this different lifestyle also strongly reinforces this idea in your reality.

  1. Small makes a lot of impact
    When you want to change your life, it doesn’t have to be this moment of greatness. Many times, small steps and changes make a lot of impact and come back.

For example, if one of your goals is to stay healthy and lose weight this year, the most common approach would be to get an exercise membership, establish a diet plan, and commit to exercising x times a week. While these are good ways to start, understand that good habits also take time and patience to develop.


At the moment, a healthy lifestyle is not just about losing weight and exercising. It takes small bite-sized steps like cutting sugar out of your coffee that can expand far over time.

For example, you usually have your black coffee with one packet of sugar. You drink two coffee a day – one before work and one during work. One packet of sugar equals about 4 grams of sugar, double the number of cups you have each day. In just one month, you can easily consume 240 grams of sugar.

Minor changes such as removing sugar from your coffee diet can have a big impact in the future.

Final Thoughts
Remember that it is never too late to change your life and things like age, time, or even experience should not interfere with your desire to pursue your dreams, projects, and lives differently.

As our lives progress, always remember that you are always moving and controlling. You are always more prepared than you think you are. It comes with the one life we ​​live and should always make it bigger.



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