How Can You OverCome Procrastination and Get the Most Important Thing


Before we can solve the problem of procrastination, we must understand why we do it. There are a few basic reasons:

I felt overwhelmed by the situation.
The hope given is that the situation can be changed or affected.
Fear of failure.
It is “too busy” to do the things that really matter.
Unable to make a decision.
I’m overworked, tired.
You want to avoid a job you don’t like.
Each of these can be reduced to a fun / painful routine that says we do things for fun and avoid pain.

So how can you overcome the delay? Overcoming delays can be a small challenge if you follow the steps below. Start with the things that matter most, and keep your priorities in order.

  1. Be Clear About What You Want In Life
    Procrastinators, you will love this!

Take 20-30 minutes to complete the task of setting a quick goal.

Write down all your goals in one or more of these areas: job skills, education, relationships, finance, physical, psychological, creative, spiritual, social, tourism, recreation and more.

Once you have your list, then lower it to your top 10, then drop to your top 5, then your top 3.

Do this by asking yourself, “Can I live without this?”

Let your non-essential goals lie in the “maybe” list that you can review in a few months. Focus on important activities first.

  1. Clean Your To-Do List
    Delete or post from activity Edit those items that are not related to your top 3-5 goals.

Just say bye bye. And don’t look back!

This is important for better time management because in a limited time, it is important to do only the most important things, but not all the one tasks that are at hand.

  1. Connect Jobs You Don’t Like In Your Goals
    It helps to mentally bind (and write) these activities to one of your main goals or values. This helps you to remind yourself how each activity relates to the larger picture.

For example, “Keeping a home and desk clean and tidy allows me to have a clear mind which I really value. With a clear mind I will be better able to work for my goals and have less stress. ”
By combining work with the joy of being able to think positively, I now have a reason to move on.


Plan Your Day Each Day
This is not a big job. It should only take 10-15 minutes of duration.

Do the hardest and most important things first and then plan down to the simple things in the afternoon. You will feel really good if you do this.

Focus on what motivates you to wait to check email and so on until you have completed your first major project.

  1. Plan Your Week Just Enough
    Plan your church well enough to plan freely for some of the great things you know you want to do.

Sometimes procrastination happens simply because the work is not planned.


A scrum can be a great way to try, so you can plan your church accordingly.

  1. Allow to Cheat and Relax
    If you are tired or have a low motivation, take a break.

Don’t be so strict with yourself about work time and don’t try to escape with a hard delay in the future. Just rearrange and return to the queue later or tomorrow.

Also, remember to check if the activity is related to one of your goals. See # 1.2, and 3 again!

  1. Just Do It, But Do Not Pass
    We often put ourselves under pressure to do certain tasks more often than we really need, such as cleaning, tidying up, and washing clothes. So take a break and plan for these things that are not beyond your control.

Do something “on the need to do” and give up the idea that you need to adhere to a certain appropriate schedule. Have you ever heard of the business concept of “timely”, this is the “timely” management of work.

  1. Divide the Main Tasks into Smaller Elements
    We postpone absurd and irrational activities because we do not have clear instructions to do next.

Take a moment to think about how you can break the big task into pieces and organize your calendar into pieces. This is good if you feel frustrated.

  1. Get Help in Making Decisions
    Decisions are hard for me. I like to use the pro / con method and assign points.

I also recommend that you get help from a friend who knows how good it is to make decisions.

Once you have made your decision, then break it down into tasks and edit it in your calendar.

  1. Believe in yourself and be able to achieve whatever you want
    If you have lost hope, know that you can change things.

Let go of the fear of failure. Failure is simply a lesson in learning.

It wins slightly and is stable in this race. A little done every day adds to more than a year.

If you have to do it, just deceive your belief into a reality. Remember, you can do it!

  1. Deceive yourself and behave
    Do you continue to avoid cleaning your desk or other large task, even if you know that it will make you feel good to do it? If so, do the following:

Invite a friend or family member to experience a day that will do “awesome work.”


All your friend has to do is stay with you in the room and make sure you do the work.

If you want to, you can let them help you, but you don’t have to. Once the job is done, you can treat yourself and your friend whether it’s coffee, dessert, dinner or movie, whatever!

It is useless to read this article if you do not take action after reading it!

So here is your review:

Know your most important goals and values.
Only perform tasks that contribute to those goals and values.
Mentally connect the activities with the positive results you want.
Plan your day and week.
Do, but do not overdo it. Take breaks when needed.
Separate major tasks.
Get help in making decisions.
Have confidence!
Cheating and healing!
And now, start at the top of the list, what are your goals and what do you value?




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