Back to School for 40 Years Helps Build a New Golden Age: Here’s the Way


When most people think of reading, they think of young people in their teens and 20 who can read and absorb new information.

You often think about going back to school at the age of 40.

But what if I told you that in fact, some of the best students are not young people, but older people?

What if being older does not mean that you have to be an adult? Not just in the classroom, but also outside of it.

Whether you are thinking of going back to school or not. This article will explain how your return to school at the age of 40 helps you to create a golden age in 6 basic ways.


To make your life easier, I have created some tests that you can follow one by one, so I will be training you every step of the way. Are we ready?

  1. Rewind Time & Delay the Aging Process
    Let’s start with the facts.

You no longer have the power you once had. You have a lot more going on. You are just beginning to notice gray hair, wrinkles and signs of aging.

Between jogging, family, health, personal growth and everything you do – why would you want to add more to your plate? Why would you want to add homework, assignments, and learning more?

You already have the qualifications you need and life is about passing as a test as a spotted teenager now.


Many people may think that this type of extra pressure will increase their stress levels and wrinkles.

What if I told you that going back to school at the age of 40 would not make you work harder, but it would actually help you slow down and slow down the aging process?

Researchers based at UCL in London conducted research investigating how educational discoveries have made DNA fragments called telomere length. These telomeres work to protect the edges of our chromosomes and shrink as we grow older.
In their study, they found that low educational findings are associated with shorter telomere length. Now it does not mean that education directly causes aging by nature, but that what it tells us is one indication.


To further this, neuroscientists at Ruhr-University Bochum found that, like adolescents, learning in adults also led to an increase in brain activity.
This has helped to improve such things as visual acuity and overall brain function, and these benefits have not diminished with age.

In other words, even as an adult, it is too early to go back to school and build a new golden age. You can still get many rewards, one of them aging.

What to do now:
Create a 3-column table, and then on the left, make a list of 20-30 topics or topics that really interest you.
In the middle, write a brief summary of why it interests you.
On the right, do a googling and write down the names of places or subjects that you find interesting.

  1. Skyrocket Your Motive
    If you were in my situation, education would probably not make sense to you if you were younger.

Looking back now, can you honestly say that you used it to the full?

Can you honestly say that you have read as much as you can?

Are you right about this unusable waste – even now, decades later?

Going back to school at the age of 40+ means you have a chance many other students don’t have. Probably the most powerful advantage: choice.


Because you choose to go back to school, it certainly means that your concentration and energy are up. Especially for those of you who are afraid of re-learning, and are not sure that you can handle the challenge, I want you to remember this:

The simple fact is that you are no longer the same person before the student. The main reason that things will be different is because you will learn that you do not have to learn.

In many educational institutions, however, the programs I have been to, the most committed and highly engaged people are usually those who are slightly older.

Gone are the days of doing things for you. Forget what you may have been like before.


In the meantime, you have the opportunity to return as someone who truly appreciates what they are doing, and who understands the consequences of doing so. By doing so, you will be coming back with a higher sense of pride that you may not have had before.

And do you know what makes this so much better? I often find with my training clients that this is a powerful way to open up large storehouses of motivation they didn’t know they had. Encouragement found in one place, enhances their inspiration in all other places as well.

Just think of what you can do to feel more confident and positive in other areas of your life.


What to do now:
Write down and visualize your answer to this question: “If you experience a dramatic increase in motivation and self-confidence, how might it affect other aspects of your life?”
For each comment or point, increase it by answering “Why is that important? What could happen to you as a result? ”
Finish by answering – “How do you feel now, after finishing this activity? Why? ”
Enjoy being an inspiring beast of fame that is unlike any other in history. Post your responses to me on social media.
3.Use School to Remind Yourself & Extend Your Brain
When you think about your brain, what kind of brain do you think it takes?

Is it solid and ready as concrete? Is it organized in its own way and does not change? Or is it like jelly – lacking any structure or clear focus?


How you answer this question will determine whether to come in the years to come or gold, or gray.

I want you to understand that your brain can change the situation, like a blu tack. It is unpolished but soft, functional and versatile to work for any purpose you choose.

Going back to school at the age of 40 will shake the doors of the golden age in your life.

But do not take my word for it.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

What kind of soft or difficult skills are needed to improve in this area?


I think they can be things like:

Art – creating unique and inspiring pieces
Spatial information – the ability to see patterns on objects, people, places
Great car skills – so you can create detailed and fun pieces of art
Torture – due to long hours of deliberate practice
Oil painting / painting – learning how witches work and when to use them
Analytical skills – learning how to improve each time you create something
Now suppose you spend 1 hour a day practicing these skills and currently hold a very low position in those skills.

We all know that it is true that the more you do something, the better you get. But beneath your face (there is your skull) there are some exciting and exciting things happening in your brain.


Every time you get used to blurring the tones between your drawing in real life, or spend countless hours focusing on one task – the neural pathways and networks in your brain are busy shooting and communicating.

As you continue to develop your artistic skills, much of your brain’s processing power is transferred to those brain cells. Over time, your brain learns to adapt. That’s why you’re faster, better, and more creative. Your brain works to create better mechanisms, even new sensors when needed.

Knowing this, how are you encouraged now? Can you imagine how that would affect your self-confidence?

Going back to school gives you new opportunities to learn and develop, and the most exciting part is all those skills that will be passed on quickly.


It’s not just a class or a school anymore, its training for the next golden age of your life.

What to do now:
Think back to the time when you were sucking something, or when you were sucking something right now.
Do you remember what your turnout was?
Notice where and how fast you were in that area. How did that make you feel? How has your overall performance affected you?

  1. Be Inspired Of All The People You Know
    How many people do you know who are thinking about going back to school at the age of 40, let alone taking action?

Understandably, not so much.


Our lives are quickly tied up and reduced under the weight of our commitments and our obligations. Some are forced upon us by some condition, while others are optional.

Anyone can go back to school, learn new skills, grow as a happy, intelligent and more satisfied person. But not everyone will.

It is not just the ideas that are spreading the world, it is the people who are taking action. And there are very, very, very few of them. Dreams come free, hstle?

That is sold separately.

One of the oldest marathon runners in the world, and the person I respect the most is a man named Fauja Singh.


There are tens of thousands of marathon runners around the world every year. Even those who participate in ultra marathons, and in other extreme endurance events.

Obviously, they all require a high level of mental strength and stamina. But there are two things that separate me and Fauja Singh, from everyone else.

The first is the fact that even though he is 106 years old, he still runs and participates in marathons.

I’ll pause for a moment, most surprisingly, to let that fact come in: while most of us were asleep, watching Netflix and eating cookies, this guy was running 26+ miles at 100 years of age.


The second part, I like it even more, as it shows that it is not too late.

Now you can imagine that Fauja had been running for years, and had been a top runner for many years so he could accomplish this amazing sport.

That’s it – he wasn’t. He started running hard at the age of 89.

Also, let’s stop and pause to admire this amazing man.

The main point here is that you are a person with the same green stuff as the rest of us. He had no special genetic make-up, or talent, or experience.


It’s never too late to pick up something new, and in doing so, you have a unique opportunity to be an inspiration to the people around you.

As Fauja continues to race, she is now regularly joined by all her family and friends. He not only ushered in a new era of health, confidence and growth, but he also brought others.

This could be your opportunity to do the same. We are creatures of society and there is nothing like praising, recognizing and admiring those we respect, boosting our self-esteem.


What to do now:
On the page you were looking for in this article, find a space and draw a circle with the word “People” inside.
Create a spider drawing of 10 people closest to you, who you care about
Next to each of their names, write down that your return to school can be a powerful and beautiful experience for them. What would it mean for them to see you succeed in this? Why?

  1. Launch the Avalanche of New Opportunities
    Going back to school on the way, does not need to mean class or learning environment. It all means focusing your mind on self-improvement somewhere. After all, there are many types of intelligence out there that you can fully understand.

Fauja Singh is back in “school” in the race. By doing so, you have created a lot of new opportunities for him – collaborating with companies, media applications and features, speech requests, and more.


Improving yourself in the new environment will mean that you open the door to opportunities that were once closed.

Like the secret machines unlocked in the video game, you will be able to take advantage of what other people around you know. Best of all special access to the whole new world.

an artist who can be sent to different pieces of work, or manage your show one day.

As a business owner that can mean being able to hire your friends and family, and build a close world where you can spend more time and quality with them every day.

You can’t be what you don’t see.


Once you have opened the level of good management in this new issue or area, there can be a whole world of amazing opportunities waiting for you.

Are you willing to take it?

What to do now:
If you are thinking about a topic or a place where you can return to school, write down a list of people who have succeeded.
For each of these people, create a list of opportunities they benefit from
Now write down and meditate on how you can benefit from those same opportunities. What can it mean?

  1. Develop Organizational Strength and Performance Standards
    As I mentioned earlier, going back to school at the age of 40 or older can be a real challenge.

You may already have a lot going on. From making sure the bills are paid on time, savings are set aside tomorrow, and your family / friends are well cared for.


If this is a challenge you are going to make, there will be more pressure and potential stress. This means that you will need to be more organized and efficient than you already are.

Now you may be affected but in reality, this is not a bad thing at all. In fact, the opposite is true: it is a very good thing.

If you can learn the skill of managing your time well enough to make this happen, you will be much better off.

This is an opportunity to unleash the highest level of organization and effectiveness in your life. A successful person, who has served to grow, realizes that in a place of uncertainty there is a chance.


You can’t grow and earn as much reward in a comfortable, specific place, as possible in an uncertain, uncomfortable environment.

What to do now:
Now that you understand why you do it. Time to take small steps forward:

Generate numbers. Sit down, be organized, and have a clear idea of ​​where you are headed and what it will cost you. Not only financially, but also in time. There is no reward without sacrifice. So I want you to get into this clear what they can be.
Think of other ways. Are there any tasters you can try? Are there any short-term courses? Something a little you can do to check it out first? Probably a free online course on a site like Tutorial, Udemy etc.
Talk about it, get support and stay organized. Once you’ve taken the jump, bring people with you. You are the amount of support you are asking for. Make sure you take care of yourself, and stay organized.

Final Thoughts
Going back to school at the age of 40 or older may seem like a daunting challenge, but it is certainly possible.

All it takes is your courage to take the initiative and step out of your comfort zone. There are many ways to start learning and to invest in something that will make you an expert. It really was never too late!



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