How to Appreciate Life Without Being Alone


Do you sometimes look at the sky and wonder “Why am I here?” “What am I doing?” or “There should be more to life than just this.” We are caught up in the daily routine of sleep, work, home, sleep, work, home, and… you get the point.

Since when are we being prepared for this lifestyle? Did it come from our parents and their parents before them? Or is it natural for us to stay where we are in order to comply with existing laws? I believe that this way of life is called ‘existence.’ If we go through the habits of daily life and fall into the habit, we do not understand that there is another way of life, called ‘life.’


Few people understand the difference and very few people make the transition from existing to living. We do not know if there is another way until we choose to see it. Usually, it is shown to us by a counselor, teacher, elder, or friend. When you choose to ‘stay’ rather than ‘be present,’ you begin to look at your life on earth from a completely different perspective. It’s as if your mind is open and you see your life through new mirrors, you never want to take them off.

I mean the power of ‘life’ when I see a mentor in a webinar. The things that were discussed made sense to me and I wanted to learn more. The mentor was talking about building experiences to enjoy life, surround yourself with rich relationships and love, and to be purposeful and purposeful in daily activities. I asked myself, “How did you start living that way? I want to do that. ”I worked to learn what I could do with my life, not just my life.


“While no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now on and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

I have found three helpful tips that I use today to guide me in life. Below, you can read about them:

  1. Think and be present in all situations
    This is a skill that works all the time! What does that really mean? It involves knowing your thoughts and what they mean to you. We make thousands of thoughts every day and it is impossible to remember each one. You can remember most of them anyway. Remembering requires mental discipline and concentration. Like a muscle, it tightens with extra practice.

Being present is also a challenge that requires mental discipline and concentration. It can be informative and informative around you, whether it’s eating dinner or sitting in a park or getting stuck on a gridlock street.


Reminding yourself of your present existence brings to light a ‘living’ part of life. It’s the fall colors of the tree you’ve seen in the park or it’s fun for each bite of your food and the delicious flavors. Attention here and now.

  1. Create an experience
    I feel like most people don’t use it to create experiences in their lives. Sure, you take the annual family holidays 2 weeks a year but what about the other 50 weeks? What types of experiences build up in the remaining 50?

Recently, I listened to my mentor and shared that you have been given a pool of money, it is better to spend that money on activities and entertainment than to spend it on things. The reason behind this is because with things, we create temporary happiness with that thing. Happiness does not last long.


When we spend money on activities and sacrifices, we are left with memories and a tangible response to that journey or experience. You can remember it many times. It will continue to bring happiness. When did you last create a feeling? Have they camped in the back yard with your kids? Or taking a cooking class with your friend? Or what about a weekend getaway with your partner and you do everything automatically? Inject experiences into your life to ‘live’ and see what you have. Create memories!

“The saddest summary of life consists of three meanings: one that could have, had, and should have been.” – Louis E. Boone

  1. Do more fun
    I will tell the truth. This is a very difficult question for many people to answer. “What makes you happy?” It is as if there were some unwritten law or regulation regarding happiness. Like it’s forbidden or something.

It seems that when you grow up, you don’t have to be happy or happy just for the kids. Even worse, the happiness is short-lived. Yes, there are times when we are faced with adverse circumstances such as divorce or perhaps you have just been given some bad news about your health. There may be bad things in the world. I do not deny that. But choosing how you want to feel about these situations. Even if you are in a bad mood, there is something that can brighten your mood, even for just a moment. Whether it’s reading a book or walking around or talking to a friend.


When we start to know and choose to do many things that bring us happiness and happiness, we begin to look at life better. When we realize and realize what makes us happy, it is up to us to make it a point to do it often so that we can enjoy happiness. It doesn’t matter if you are 8 or 80 years old, make sure you let yourself feel happy and happy.

I often apply these three tips in my life, and it has helped me to see life in a new way. I miss the people I associate with so much, I thank and express my gratitude for everything I find, and I hurt myself with joy because there is nothing wrong with that. Isn’t it the first time you ‘live’ and not ‘exist?’




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