4 Ways to Find Yourself Again


There are so many peaks in this interconnected world, driven by the technology we live in today. We are able to communicate quickly and easily with people, literally, all over the world. Business is now global, and learning has never been easier or easier.

However, there is a decline in our world as it is today. There’s one in particular that I think becomes the biggest and biggest problem of the day, and that’s the people who are missing out.

You may be wondering what I mean when I say “they lost it” so let me explain. Now, more than ever, people are influenced by external forces through such things as social media. And as a result, we have fallen into the trap of comparisons, in which everyone wants to be like them.


The problem is that, in the process of doing so, people create lives that they are not really happy about and have no real happiness and satisfaction. Lives that do not match their basic values. It is for this reason that you see trends such as the number of billionaires increasing daily, while the level of depression rises alongside it. The good news is, it’s possible to find and reconnect with you again.

If you have ever had that feeling of happiness and disconnected from the life you want to live, keep reading to learn four steps to regain it:

  1. Ask those who know you best
    There are very few, if any, resources in this life that are greater than relationships. A healthy lifestyle is one that is full of deep, meaningful relationships. One of the benefits of having those kinds of relationships is being able to have people to go to and things like getting them back.

When we go down the rabbit hole of change and change in the wrong way, it becomes difficult to get out of it alone. That is where that basic relationship comes from.


The first strategy is to find yourself and ask people who know you best. These people often know the “real” you. They can give you insight into some of the parts of you that may have been buried under all the rubbish piled up over the years.

Asking those who know you best about your strengths, values, and goals in life can be very helpful in helping you discover who you are, what you like, and what you have been put into this world for.

“Friendship is the most difficult thing in the world to describe. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned what friendship is all about, you haven’t really learned anything. ”- Muhammad Ali

  1. Get out of social media
    As I said above, social media is such an amazing tool with so many wonderful features in it. However, it can also be the first real place to get ownership and have someone cut off from it personally.

Comparisons arising from regular engagement and the use of social media are a breeding ground for insecurity and / or the desire to look like someone else or to have a personal life. So, you can guess where I’m going with this, but the best way to communicate with yourself is to go out on social media.

Think of it this way: If you were addicted to alcohol, you would not engage in binge drinking. At least if you had high hopes for a successful career. Yes, if you are struggling with feelings of inadequacy and are constantly on the lookout for social media, perhaps a good detox is in order.


It is estimated that the average adult spends 150 minutes and minutes a day on social media. If you had more time to do some of the strategies on this list, think about how much better it would be to find them again.

  1. Get into nature
    If you feel lost and disconnected, the best way to find yourself is to slow down, be quiet, go inside and reconnect with your thoughts and feelings. The problem is, we live in a busy and hectic society that encourages us to be busy.

And with so many people living that way, finding a quiet time, keeping quiet, and going inside to find answers seems impossible. For many people, it has been days since they had their peaceful time to cut off completely without interruption.


That’s why the next step in self-discovery is to get into nature. Sometimes in life we ​​have to force ourselves to do what we can to get what we want. Well, if you are quiet and quiet to reconnect and that is what you want, there is no better place to find it than outside of nature.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the last time I was in the middle and I had good WiFi, smart cars, or social media and tv’s to fill my head with something that didn’t exist. Much of the creation you want in life is about purpose. Being involved in nature and away from the distractions of the world shows that you are willing to create the space needed to find them again.

“We need time to analyze, to think. Just as we sleep our brains relax and give us dreams, so at some point in the day we need to disconnect, reconnect, and look around us. ”- Laurie Colwin

  1. Attend a private prayer conference or meeting
    Okay, this could be a coach out of me, but I sincerely believe it’s a great place to connect with you and in a personal growth conference or conference. And I’ll tell you why.

If you have ever been to one of these events, you know that the main purpose is to help people overcome certain obstacles in their lives or to reach a new level. There are two great things about these events: 1. Being able to explore your deepest passions, and 2. Being close and connecting with like-minded people.

Not only does it make your growth events more inspiring, but it also gives you the opportunity to do a deeper work for yourself and your life. That’s why you hear people talking about leaving and leaving these types of events feeling “transformed.”


It is because they are able to participate in self-improvement activities that they may not have done outside of that type of setting.

To be clear, these types of events are not a kind of “quick fix”, and should not be relied upon to fix all your problems. However, they offer a forum to remove your current reality and get a new perspective on life.

Also, personal growth events provide great opportunities to connect. And, better yet, to connect with the right kind of people. All people are on a journey of personal growth and adoption. Relationships with the right people can be the catalyst for you to find yourself again, and you will be able to find those kinds of connections in personal growth events.


All in all
Let’s face it – most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. It is not a pleasant place to be. However, the good news is that there are steps you can take if you feel like it, to get it back.

If you do the four things I mentioned above, ask those closest to you, go out on social media, go into nature, and attend personal growth events, you will find it much easier to reconnect with who you are and get yourself back on track in life.





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