Small Stories



At one point, a small local farmer was unfortunate enough to owe a large sum of money to a local lender. The lender was old, single and willing to marry the beautiful daughter of a farmer. One day a farmer approached a lender who asked him for more time to repay the loan. The lender pretended to be angry for a moment and then suggested a negotiation. He said if the farmer did not pay his debt, he would be punished or would have the option of allowing the lender to marry his daughter and all his debt would be deducted.

Both the farmer and his daughter are shocked by the proposal. There was no way the farmer could pay the money soon and he did not want his beautiful daughter to marry a cruel old creditor.

The shrewd lenders have suggested that they let the authorities decide the matter. In an effort to persuade the farmer to accept his agreement, the lender made an attractive move to the adoption of the father and daughter. He kept a black and white stone in his bag. The girl then had to choose a pebble to decide her fate. If he picks up a black stone, he will have to marry the lender and be free from his father’s debt. If he chose a white stone he would not have to marry a lender and his father’s debt would still be forgiven. If he refuses to pick a stone, the farmer will be thrown into prison.


They were standing on a stone-paved road. The lender even called nearby residents to come and see the event, so that no party would leave their comments. The lender bent over, built two small stones and placed them in his purse. The girl with the sharp eyes saw that she had picked up two small black stones instead of black and white. He then asks the girl to pick up a stone from the bag.
The girl was confused as to what to do. He knew that he was being deceived by a moneylender. He thought for a moment and then reached into his purse and pulled out a stone. Without looking at it or showing it to anyone, he groped for it and let it fall into a stone-throwing path where it got lost among the small stones.

“Oh, I’m sorry, how busy I am,” he said. “But don’t worry, if you look in the bag and look at the rest, we’ll know which stone I chose.”


The lender refused to acknowledge his infidelity in front of the local people. The black stone in the bag made it seem as if the girl had chosen a white stone. She was not required to marry an old lender and her father’s debt was canceled. Citizens were present to see the entire event which prompted the lender to keep his word.

The girl changed a seemingly impossible situation for the better.

There is always a way out of problems, do not give up hope and keep trying to find solutions.



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