Small Stories



Many years ago there was a group of smart young men at the University of Wisconsin. A group of men seemed to have an amazing talent for writing and were unusual in their ability to use their writing skills correctly. These promising young men meet regularly to read and analyze each other’s writing tasks.

These people were merciless while criticizing each other. They separated the big moment of the speeches and gave a strong criticism and said and said that each works. Their meeting times became a forum for book criticism and members of this special club called themselves “Stranglers.”

In addition to being excluded from the opportunity to climb where writing skills, women with an interest in writing at university started their own club, similar to Stranglers. Members call themselves “Wrangler.” The lub member also presented their pieces of text in front of each other. But the members’ response was very soft, very positive and very encouraging. Every member’s efforts, even the weakest, were encouraged by all.


Twenty years later, the university alumnus was studying for a class of students when it saw a significant difference in the achievements of the Stranglers and the Wranglers.

Of all the brilliant young men who strangled the designer, not one of them made significant strides in writing. But the Wranders had several successful writers and some world-famous talents.

The talent and education between the two groups is almost the same. It didn’t make much difference. The strangled and strangled while the Wrangler exchanged fares. Soldiers create an atmosphere of conflict and doubt while the Wranglers bring out the best in each other.




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