5 Mindset Hacks to get more opportunities and increase your income


Growing your business and killing your sales is not the only way to the top. Ascent and descent can be tedious, so it’s important to have a few mindset hacks in your back pocket to put yourself in a mind-blowing frame of mind that invites opportunities rather than lifting momentum.

Here are five mindset hacks that you can use immediately, either partially or consistently in your process of adding your results:

  1. Burn
    Learning how to motivate yourself is a valuable skill, especially since you will not be encouraged to take action every day. There will be days when it is hard to encourage yourself to wear pants, let alone win your day. That’s where you need to motivate yourself to move forward.

The easiest way to get rid of it is to choose a weekly or monthly theme song that you can meet. Music is a great incentive because you can borrow the power of a song to make it stronger.


Similarly, having a role model or mentor that you can connect with and always respond to can be the difference between a long, hard way to get what you want in life and to follow your path to success. Counselors can inspire you in special ways that other people just can’t. They are very important.

Another way to get fired is to call a very loyal or grateful client. Their happiness in working with you is contagious, which will get you in the right place to bring in as many clients as they do. If you find yourself in a time of doubt or when your self-confidence is shaken, borrow the confidence other people have of you to fill your cup and move on.

“Once your thinking has changed, everything outside will change along with it.” – Steve Maraboli

  1. Find Refund
    Having a business is very popular! It is easy for your body and energy to be seriously injured in the daily activities of everything. That’s why it’s important to find barns where you can relax. That doesn’t always mean finding an escape or going to a quiet rest for two weeks (though I don’t hit you). Something as simple as calling someone special or spending time with a loved one can help you to relax your mind and body.

Another way to find relief is to find a time of day that protects you as much as your time for peace. This could look like doing yoga, walking a rock climb, writing a journal, reading a book, singing, or something that keeps you focused on just one thing while you are doing it. Deliberately focusing on something that brings you happiness or that distracts you is a powerful way to keep your mind focused.

  1. Focus
    That puts your focus on growing. That is why you want to focus on what you did well and the opportunities before you, instead of blaming yourself for the mistakes you made. It’s good to see where you need to grow and make a plan to move forward, but getting caught up in “I should have known better” and the same ideas will only stop you. The sooner you separate the lost from the study, the sooner you will succeed.

One way to keep your focus is on what you did well to create a winning cave. This could be a box where you keep all your winnings, a journal you use to record your winnings, or a file on your home screen that you can open to see the wins you’ve made so far. Every day, make a catalog of your daily achievements. This doesn’t have to be a business venture anymore.


If you have been working for your health and sticking to a diet provided by your provider, that is a victory! If you’ve been trying to have a lot of current conversations with your significant other and had dinner without picking up your phone, that’s a win! Review your winning cave each week to see how far you have come in your successful journey.

  1. Burning Structure
    This mental approach is the most important tool in the entire list. This is a process that will help you take action when you are paralyzed by fear. Are you ready?

There is a burning building and your loved one is inside. The action you are afraid to take is the only way you can run to the building to save them. In many cases, this is what happens when you leave your business.

As a business owner, you solve problems for your customers. If you don’t take action to find your solutions there, you ignore people who are suffering and screaming for help. You wouldn’t leave your loved one in a burning building, so don’t throw it away with your customers.

“There are no limitations in mind other than those we acknowledge. Both poverty and wealth are the offspring of imagination. ”- Napoleon Hill

  1. Decide
    All the powerful changes in the mindset fall into one thing — the decision to do something different. Once you have made a decision, follow that up by taking steps to support that decision. Practicing tough decisions is a great way to get quantum eaps into your growth because it puts all your focus, attention, and energy into creating what you want with confidence. These growths can transform you into a magnet for business growth and income.




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