Small Stories

imagination and patience-Small Story


The man does not know that there is a snake below. Woman πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°I don’t know if there’s a stone crushing a man. The woman thinks: β€œI’m going to fall! And I can’t ride because the going snake will bite me! Why would this man not use more power and lift me up! ”The man thought:β€œ I’m in so much pain! Yet I still pull you as far as I can! Why not try going up a bit !? ”

The moral is – you can’t see the pressure the other person is under, and the other person can’t see the pain you’re going through. This life, whether it is work, family, feelings or friends, we must try to understand each other. Learn to think differently, perhaps more clearly and communicate better. A little imagination and patience go a long way.



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