Small Stories



There was where a free-spirited monkey lived in a beautiful forest. He spent his days wandering in the woods, climbing trees, eating delicious fruit and relaxing. One day while roaming, he came very close to the valley. He looked inside the house in the valley and saw a bowl of ripe red apples. He couldn’t hold back his desire to eat those beautiful looking fruits, so he grabbed one in each hand and ran back into the woods. She smelled apples but it didn’t smell anything. He tried to be arrogant, but he hurt his teeth. These apples were made of wood, but they looked delicious. When the other forest monkeys saw the apples, he grabbed them tightly.

He proudly introduced himself to his new possessions as he roamed the jungle. Apples made of wood glisten red in the sun, and they look perfect on him. He was so enticed by them that he forgot his hunger.

He was walking near a fruit press when the smell of ripe fruit reminded him of his hunger. He wanted to take a ripe banana and eat it but he had apples in his hands. He couldn’t let go of the apple apples to reach the bananas. He was terrified of losing apples and felt the need to protect them. The monkey was very proud of the apples, but he was never a happy monkey as he continued to walk on the forest trails.


While holding the apples for a long time, it began to sound heavy. The poor little monkey thought of keeping it down for a while but letting go of such important things seemed crazy.

The poor monkey was unhappy. He was tired, hungry, and unable to climb trees or collect fruit in his hands. When he looked at the fruit in the forest, he became very hungry. Finally, she gave up and dropped the apple apples and prepared her food. He was happy again.

Like the little monkey, we sometimes carry things that seem too important to give up. We as human beings seem to carry and cling to our image, pride, possessions, wealth and status but forget to enjoy the most important things in life; love, compassion, friends and family.



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