5 Things You Can Learn About Love If You Are a Child of Divorced Parents


When I was a child, my mother divorced my father because of his inability to be honest, modest. Since I was only a few years old, I did not understand what was happening or how this would eventually affect my health and my future relationships. Now that I am older, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my past, and I have seen how many valuable lessons I have learned from meeting this life-changing experience. Here are five things I have learned about my parent’s breakup.

  1. Love is not always enough.
    As I grew up, I was constantly bombarded with the idea that love could end anything. This has been demonstrated in books, movies, songs, and various other forms of storytelling. As I have progressed in life, I have come to realize that love can withstand many things, but it cannot withstand all things. The books and movies we grew up with were fictional, and life is not the same as being shown in Disney movies. In the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. All the difficulties we face can have serious consequences for our relationship. I’m not saying that these afflictions will break all relationships, because they may not work. But for some couples, that will tear them apart.
  2. You need to really know your spouse.
    If you plan to spend your whole life with someone, you need to know everything about him or her; good, evil, and evil. You need to know what sets them apart, what their bad habits are, the burdens they carry, and so on. We tend to think of our partners as just kind people, good people, but in reality, there are two sides to man; one is bright, the other is dark. It is wise to read both.
  3. People do not change.
    This is a very sad fact that many have chosen to ignore. I have seen countless people stay in relationships because they believe that their partner will eventually change. Humans do not change, like tigers do not change their lashes. If they show infidelity now, they will continue to be dishonest in the future. Humans are what they are and unfortunately, nothing in the world is strong enough to change human nature, including love. It may seem that they have changed at first, but it will be short-lived. The “honeymoon” phase is not permanent. Instead of wasting your time hoping that some of your significant other will change, take it upon yourself to find the right person for you. I promise that person is there.
  4. Communication is the lifeblood of a relationship.
    Communication is a vital part of life. When it comes to relationships, it’s important. You should always be open and honest with each other because if you choose peace, or worse, you are lying, you will start to create cracks in your relationship. When a relationship is cracked, it is easier to break it. Once broken, it is almost impossible to get it back together.
  5. Divorce does not make you a bad person.
    I have heard many divorcees talk about how they felt about being a horrible person or how their divorce made them fail. You are not a failure. It all means that your relationship was not created to exist, and it just continued. Everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life – and that includes you and your significant other. Life is too short and every 60 seconds you spend angry you will never be happy again.

While I do not wish this experience for anyone, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned about my parents’ divorce. I am strong for it, and I know that my future relationship will be the same.




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