Marry Someone That Never Stops Pursuing You


Marry someone who never stops following you.

Marry someone who is still trying to speak your love language better as time goes on, no matter how smooth they think they are.

Marry someone who makes your coffee or tea in the morning the way you like it, every morning.

Marry someone who does not stop asking questions about you, your thoughts, or your childhood. Someone who wants to know everything about you even if those things are always changing.

Marry someone who never stops appearing, who you know will be there when the day is over ready to hold you and respect you no matter what.


Marry someone who not only knows how to admit if they have made a mistake, but someone who puts all his efforts into fixing things they can do before the negative impact on the whole house. Someone who does not allow minor problems to develop.

Marry someone who offers your concerns easily. Someone like peace in war.

Marry someone who doesn’t let you deal with anything alone, the kind of person you consider to be your partner more important than anything else.

Marry someone who feels at home, someone who never stops making you want to come home. Someone who knows how much you love your couch made and Christmas lights hanging. Someone who has never made you feel bad about what you need or say.


Marriage is a relationship that requires a high level of commitment. It goes on for a long time after you have been with each other. It gives a person a reason to stay every day and not take their presence for granted. It creates a space where you can go to feel good about difficult days and a place to go to celebrate the good.

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You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard and met all your needs. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You deserve to feel respected, worshiped and perfected. Marry someone who never stops following you.




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