Small Stories

Breathing Without Air-SMALL STORY



The boy once asked a wise old man what the secret to success is. After listening to the boy’s question, the wise man told the boy that they had met at the river in the morning and that he would be given an answer there.

In the morning the wise man and the boy began to walk to the river. They continued down into the river, passing a point of water covering their noses and mouths. This time, the wise man threw the boy into the water.

As he struggled to get out, the wise man continued to press him down. The boy felt the fish slide on his leg and rock to get up. The man finally pulled the boy’s head up so he could catch his breath. The boy gasped as he inhaled the breath.


The wise man said, ‘What were you fighting for when you were under water?’ The boy replied, “Spirit!” The man said, “When you have the secret to success. When you want to achieve success as you sought the wind while underwater, you will find it. That’s the only secret. ”


Success begins with a desire to achieve something. If your motivation is weak, your results will follow. Think about what you want most in life and work to achieve it. Don’t let your environment or other people influence what you really want. Just because fish are free and underwater does not mean that you are there.



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