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sweet Dreams-Small Story



The boy and the little girl were enjoying a pleasant afternoon playing outside the neighborhood together. The boy showed the girl his collection of beautiful, unique marbles. Next, the girl showed the boy a handful of candy she had just received on her birthday.

The boy suggested that they both change – he would give her all her marbles if she distributed all her sweets. The girl agreed, as she also found marbles that they were beautiful too.

The boy gave up all his marbles, but kept one – the best – in his pocket. The girl kept her promise and gave the boy all her sweets.

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You have to be a part of your relationship if you want them to be built on trust.
That night, the girl was happy to take turns and peacefully slept.


The boy, however, could not sleep, as he was upstairs wondering if the girl had kept her candy secret, just as she had done with the marble.


If you do not contribute 100% to your relationship, you will always think that your partner is not giving 100%. If you want your relationship to be built on trust, you have to be a part of it.

Honesty enhances your character. By being honest in a relationship, you commit your partner to doing the same. It allows you and your partner to keep thinking about your options and how you can help (or hurt) your partner and your relationship.




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