The Difference Between The Guys You Date And The One You’ll Marry


Your boyfriend will tell you that he is not the type of commitment.
It’s easier to say, “I’m not the type to make a commitment” than to say “I don’t want to commit to you.”

Your boyfriend will be like that after meeting you.
When you meet the right person, that’s when you change. That’s when everything in your life changes because meeting this person makes you realize that you don’t want to live without him or let him run away.

Your boyfriend is not talking about the future.
Everything about you people is confusing. You take things as they are right now. You might be reluctant to ask them about distant things in the future because they are afraid that they will say no.


Your boyfriend wants his part.
There is no question that if you come with something, you will be there. You guys are planning things so far ahead, whether it’s a trip or a show or a wedding there is this certainty about him that he is.

Your boyfriend will see how much he earns.
He will check you and see which buttons he can press. He wants to know how much he is willing to give even if he does not return the favor.

Your boyfriend will meet you halfway through.
Everything you offer comes back and for the first time it doesn’t feel like you’re trying too hard to make the relationship work.


Your boyfriend does not bother to hear about your intentions and dreams.
While everything you want to do and say seems interesting, he does not care about being a part of it or helping you get there. He may be dating you but he doesn’t want to do more than he has to do.

Your fiancé will encourage and support you.
Your boyfriend will enjoy everything you have ever done. He loves you and is part of that love for the things you do and helps you achieve the goals you want in life. And if there is a way to get it then you will do it. It is because of his love and support that you become twice as much a person as you really are.

Your boyfriend is confident.
He’s the guy you should ask, maybe there are girls who blow up his phone and play with love and he lets it go. He’s the one you sometimes like to have on your side when you walk into a place. But if someone were to ask you a question, you would probably say no.


Your fiancé wants to prove that you can trust him.
The guy you end up with wants to show you to everyone. You do not doubt his honesty or commitment, making you feel safe and secure in ways that no one else has ever done before.

Your boyfriend meets you in a place where you usually drink, have fun and sleep together.
While it is fun to have someone to go out with sometimes you see that it is just that and it gets old after a while.

Your boyfriend will have similar interests that reflect your personality as a person.
Your boyfriend does not meet you at a bar or get drunk and is not a one-night stand, you meet him doing something you both love. Something that connects you both. From there you build the future of your relationship based on that.


Your boyfriend can’t hold a conversation.
It’s an unusual conversation or meeting or making plans. But there is nothing in your relationship. None of these emotional and psychological connections. It’s nice to have someone there and to have someone do all these things with you but that’s all good.

Your boyfriend wants to know everything about you.
The boy you eventually marry wants to know you better than anyone he knows in his life. He made an effort to care about who he was and why. Even difficult things with your past history, you work to build your confidence that you can tell him those things.

Your boyfriend will use the fight as an excuse to leave.
The first battle is out.

Your boyfriend will work on this issue until it is all over again.
The boy who gets married may be angry with you, he may say things he regrets, but he stays. He wants to work on this and see how he can make it work. Teaching that fighting does not always mean that something will end.


Your boyfriend is very concerned about your appearance.
While attraction is important and makes anyone go to someone, sometimes it is about how a person looks. And as deep as it can be at the root of a relationship is that physical attraction.

Your boyfriend has a special interest in you.
There should be physical attraction present but in addition there should be emotional connection. When you meet the right person, you just look at them as the God who put them in this world to be with you and no one else is better than you.

Your boyfriend doesn’t want to be reunited with your family.
Not only does he not want to be reunited with his family, you do not want to bring him up. Sometimes our boyfriends are just that and we know it will never be the same again.


Your boyfriend wants to know everyone’s names before you meet them.
The boy who eventually got married introduced your family with great pride. Not only does this make this person very happy but everyone sees a change in yours because of him or her. While family reunion seems like a big step, he is the one who wants to take it.

Your boyfriend always says what if you are on your mind.
Your boyfriend leaves you with the remaining questions about who you are and what you can become. Sometimes each of you plays with the idea of ​​what it would be like if things were different. But they are not. This guy is just kind of there until you meet the right person for you

meet the right one and stop giving him your time and attention.

Your boyfriend never asks you how you feel or wants a future with you.
Your boyfriend actually means the word marriage. And it doesn’t scare you.


Your boyfriend is not listening.

Your boyfriend hears what you want to hear but often forgets what you are saying.

Your boyfriend remembers even the smallest detail about you.
The boy you eventually marry remembers everything. From how you like your coffee to your little habits you may not notice it. And he loves it all.

Your boyfriend will say yes to you if you trust him.
Many boys are afraid that they will fall in love with someone like that. They leave when things get tough. They swim when something bad happens in your life. They don’t want to be that person of yours.

Your boyfriend will stand tall and be what you need in difficult times.
The guy who marries that strength if you are weak. He catches you when you are not visible to you. And he does not look down on you if you fall. He knows at any time what he might be like and he wants to know that he is with you when that day comes.


Boyfriend let’s pay.
Dividing things seems right but what he really says, he doesn’t care enough that he can never fully surrender to you.

Your fiancé will not let you do such a thing.
He sees what his will will be in the end when you build life together. He respects you enough to never want to pay you for anything. You take great pride in wasting yourself.

Your boyfriend will not talk about his feelings.

He talks about sports and where he is going. But he does not talk about how he feels about you. He may like you. He may want to be with you sometimes. But he doesn’t love you enough to make you feel as secure as he feels. Because the fact is that you can’t fool yourself into getting that IT from someone.

Your boyfriend is not afraid to say that he loves you first.
Your boyfriend wants you to know that he loves you completely. He will say it without thinking twice about it because he feels lucky even to be with you. You look him in the eye and he sees the next fifty years ahead of you.




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