Small Stories

Shake off problems-Small Story


The man and his donkey were on their way to the pasture when the donkey fell into a big hole. The man was moved and tried desperately to pull his favorite donkey out until it fell to the ground.

Despite his best efforts, he failed to get the donkey back. But he can’t leave the donkey hungry and die in pain for days.

So he decided to bury her alive and to make her death smoother. So she began pouring out the dregs upon the ass. As he did so, the donkey sensed the load and pushed it away.

He did the same thing every time a soil was poured on him. Eventually, he reached ground level and walked easily to graze on the green pastures.

MORAL: Do not choose to stay with your problem. Just get rid of your problems and move on with your life after learning about them. All bad experiences are new learning. So get the best out of it and work on your goals.



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