Small Stories

Shark Bait-Small Story


A marine biologist put a shark in a large tank during the study. Following that, he pulled out some small fish from it.

Naturally, the shark did not wait to attack the fish and ate them. Later, clear fiberglass was inserted into the tank, which divided the tank into two parts, and the sharks sat on one side.

The same set of fishing gear was sent to the other side of the tank as before. And the shark tried to attack those fish but failed by striking the fiberglass.

The shark tried for a few days until he gave up. Later, the biologist removed the glass from the tank but the shark did not attempt to attack the small fish.

The shark kept seeing a false bar in the tank and stopped his efforts.

Moral: It is very common for many people to become discouraged after many setbacks and failures. The story is an example of continuing to try hard and never give up despite many failures.



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