Some Relationships Are Not Worth Revisiting


The fact is that some relationships are best left behind. Some people are better off as memories; ex, old friends, different parents, toxic relatives. Some relationships do not deserve another chance once they are over. They do not need any special treatment. It is not advisable to check one more time. Although I strongly believe in repairing the damage but not all people deserve the difficulty and strength needed to repair the damage you have done. Not all emotional relationships are necessary to bring them back together. Not all relationships are worth your patience and forgiveness.

Some relationships don’t deserve arguments and tears too. They do not deserve kindness and love if they are not first informed. Some people will never love you the way you want to be loved because they do not know how. Some people will never give you the perfection and happiness you want because that is not the most important thing to them and some people will always be selfish, unable to compromise, unable to find a middle ground and unable to even try.


Not wanting to revisit a relationship or giving it another chance does not mean you are a bad person, it simply means that you know what you want and what the other person can offer you and it simply does not work for you. The number does not match and although some variables may change, the result is almost the same.

Some relationships don’t have to come back because your partner will never forget how things ended or the pain they went through. You can drive it aside but it will always bother you and that will make you afraid to re-enter. Sometimes you can’t erase how someone made you feel or how embarrassed you were. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the fact that sometimes they make you suffer or wonder about yourself or your worth. You don’t always have to give people access to you and if they break it the first time.


Some relationships are not worth revisiting because you have healed and moved on and that person was no more. Someone who once ignored red flags or made too many excuses or continued to put his partner’s needs above his own does not know you now. The person who has tolerated disrespect or the crumbs of bread or questionable morals no longer tolerates that kind of abomination. The person who once thought of the deception of love no longer commits a compliment or a sweet lie.

Some relationships do not have to be repeated because you just know that the relationship you should be fighting for is not something that will break you or tear your heart or make you unhappy. You know that if a relationship does not bring you the best of both worlds, it is not worth your time or effort.

Some relationships should not be visited and other people should not wait for you. Your time is too precious to spend on people who do not treat you well or who do not value you.



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